Whats the best way to cook beetroot?

pattym1, Apr 6, 4:09am
I have a couple of beetroot(s? ? ) and am not sure the best way to cook them. Can I microwave them?

harrislucinda, Apr 6, 4:21am
you canby pricking thembut, theybleedbestto boiluntil tendertakeoffleavesto about1inchfrombeetno saltneeded

pattym1, Apr 6, 4:24am
thanks for that. how long do they take to cook by boiling?

uli, Apr 6, 4:33am
Depends on their size really - from 30 minutes to over an hour for the big ones ...

pattym1, Apr 6, 4:37am
thanks uli. microwave it is then

uli, Apr 6, 4:40am
No idea -do not own a microwave ...

ksr, Apr 6, 5:12am
Microwave and serve with sour cream yum

antoniab, Apr 6, 5:15am
If they are just small, roast with whole garlic cloves, olive oil and S&P, yumo!

beaker59, Apr 6, 6:35am
I have them in with my roast veg tonight. Yep got garlic, sage and rosemary in there with them.

beaker59, Apr 6, 7:32am
Rubs tummy mmmmmmmmmmmm they were nice tender and sweet.

margyr, Jan 5, 11:11pm
so if you are roasting them do you peel them first? if yes how?

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