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bluebear609, Dec 7, 7:39am
are you able to do this concept but without using can as such, not keen on stuff leaching out

could you use something else and fill with liquid

any ideas appreciated

fisher, Dec 7, 7:52am
Done on a hooded bbq with a s/s dish underneath. . drums and wings are wrapped in foil until later on in the cooking and then removed, the drums first and later the wings. . . chook has rosemary butter pushed underneath ALL the skin and some rosemary sprigs and lemon rings on top of the can. . It's sitting on a special rack, inside the dish designed for exactly this purpose. . . Once the butter melts, it is used to baste the chicken from time to time. . . about a beer is about right. . .
Moist, incredibly tender once left to rest and no mess. .

bluebear609, Dec 7, 6:49pm
thanks fisher but not wanting to use a can as such

want to use another 'vessel' as such instead of a can to put liquid in as dont like the idea of the paint plastic etc from can

looks yummy though

fisher, Dec 7, 10:07pm
Maybe a stainless steel cup. . . (mug shaped) just make sure you only fill it halfway with the liquid mix you are going to put in it. . as you can imagine, it can get quite hot and the idea is the eventual steam and flavours are imparted to keep the inside moist and flavour from the inside out. . too much liquid and it will make a mess by spilling out. . . .

darlingmole, Dec 7, 10:34pm
Hi fisher ~hey, so is the can of beer up inside the chicken? Sorry for dense question but this looks quite novel! How long should I cook the chicken for (size 16 probably) . . .

bluebear609, Dec 7, 11:46pm
yes my husband just said maybe a stainless steel cup or something

to the other poster yes the can is up inside the chicken

harrislucinda, Dec 8, 6:14am
canuseadrinkcanwith waterlemonjuiceandherbsandyescookingdoestakelonger

fisher, Dec 8, 9:47am
Darlingmole. . I have a rack that holds the can upright. . the chook cavity is placed over the can and the rack so it is held upright. . cut in between the wings and the drums. . . Cooking time is somewhat less. . As I said it's Important to NOT use a full can. . . half is good. . The chook you see in the piccie above took about 50ish mins all up with the drum foil removed at 30 mins and then a little more for the wings and the final brown up. . . all six burners are fired up for about 15 mins then the inner two are turned off. . and then the other inner two when "browning up" leaving just the two outside ones. . The sizzling butter cooks the chicken and the skin is devine. . . I use a dish to catch all fat, excess butter and juices running out so as not to cause flareups. . The chook you see was at the 30 min stage and I was just about to remove the drums foil. . That one was part of last years boxing daylunch dinner for some magic cookies who also come to this recipe board and were calling through on their travels north. . .

happs1, Dec 8, 11:15am
Copied and pasted printed off for camp . Cheers Fisher:~))

dezzie, Dec 8, 6:22pm
the times I've seen it done they actually rammed a couple of cloves of garlic and about a teaspoon of 5 spice into the beer as well, and it "steamed" those flavours into the chook.

fisher, Dec 8, 10:21pm
that's the idea dezzie. . . you can put what ever your hearts desire to flavour it. . . that "steam" is what keeps the chook so moist and melt in your mouth. . . . I like lemon juice and rosemary sprigs. . and then put a few slices of the squeezed lemon on top of the can before I place the chook on top. . As family are not about this xmas and only coming in the new year, Ill prob do one for xmas dinner with a nice green salad from all the veges from the garden and see if I can rustle up enough jersey bennies from the ground with a nice parsley butter sauce to compliment. . . .
HAPPS1 . . . dont leave out the herbed butter under the skin. . . its essential. . . salt pepper and a spray of oil. . . :}}}

lisa7, Dec 9, 3:52am
Youtube vid v=envkFOn2AyQ

wron, Dec 30, 4:40am
Trying this after my successful prawn experience - lots of great ideas and I watched a couple of the video clips as well. I bought a cheap wee stainless stand but it doesn't have a bowl so I'll use a small stainless one - I like fisher's ideas re using foil to protect the wings and drums. One of the videos, the one in the previous posting I think, suggested making an additional little hole in the can just above the level the the beer - anyone else tried this? Fisher, can you remember what sized bird you cooked and is it worth the additional expense of buying free range? Thanks in anticipation.

fisher, Dec 30, 8:11am
Wron. . free range is always nice and more healthier as you know. . BUT in saying that, ye olde chook in BBQ gets a fair ole roasting in there. . .
You dont have to use beer. . . lemonade is REALLY good. . but as always , use ONLY half a can. . . I have a s/s dish (30 x 20) I have had for years and use for BBQ and in the smoker. . place the whole chook, can and support frame inside it and it stops any spills or mess over the BBQ. .

jodie72, Dec 30, 8:44am
ok so if you dont have a holder thingy to put you chook on - what would you use (apart from the can of beer) to hold it upright & in place? & 50mins you say to cook?

harrislucinda, Dec 30, 8:50am
thatsityou needawirethatisshapedandputthebeercaninthen chicken overthatcangoesinsidechicken

fisher, Dec 30, 8:56am
The can, can actually hold the chook reasonable well by itself. . bit of shuffle and balance. . (just need to check a bit more often) I do it with can holder cause its easy on the hooded BBQ and a fine lady recipe poster sent the rack to me as a gift. .

wron, Jan 2, 9:53am
Well I successfully cooked this tonight, didn't have any beer in cans and the country dairy we stopped at on the way home from the beach only had apple juice - so that's what we used - beer next time and then will try lemonade with garlic and lemon juice/slices. I followed fisher's instructions and put the rosemary butter under the skin - a very messy process, and used the foil. It took longer - more like 1. 20h - I'm wondering if I had enough heat? My BBQ is a Broil King which has big 2 D burners - I used the opposite one and kept the temp to around 180 - 210C. The thermometer is quite high up on the hood and not sure how even or accur. the temp is? Fisher, can you remember how hot you go? Or just rely on setting burners to medium? Wendy made a delicious gravy from the butter / juices, also baked some partly precooked spud + kumera in the pan, very yummy! How'd the rest of you go?

wron, Jan 3, 6:35am
Hoping that fisher will see!

fisher, Jan 3, 10:32pm
Wron. . I didnt find it too messy but more fiddly than anything with regards to the rosemary butter. . the butter is only softened slightly and the fine rosemary added and mixed in. . . I just wet my fingers and push it up to cover an area and then flatten it out from the outside to spread it. . .

. . . all six burners are fired up for about 15 mins then the inner two are turned off. . and then the other inner two when "browning up" leaving just the two outside ones. . .

wron. . . there really is no recipe. . . my bbqhas a temp gauge and can put out a fair ole heat but in saying that its all relative. .
lower heat == longer time. . high heat == shorter time. .
I wouldn't rely on other peoples times or gauges but take them as a guide and you will get to know what "YOUR" bbq can do. . . just make mental notes or actual notes for next time. . . 6 burners, 4 , then 2
and a constant watch especially at the end so it doesn't get burnt. .

. . par boil some spuds, carrots, kumura and pumpkin. . Lay out some foil and place individual portions on each one for each family member (less for kids)
salt, pepper, sprig of thyme and fold up adding a little chicken stock before sealing. . . Place these on the grill side while your chicken is cooking on its "can" and turn parcels halfway through the process. . I also make a small parcel of foil 10cm x 10cm with some manuka sawdust and 1 tsp of my processed rosemary powder. . little hole in the centre and into BBQ over flame when I open it to turn over foil parcels. . does nothing for the veges but adds a "hint" of smokeyness to the chicken. . (hood must be closed of course)
(ps if I can get your address, I will send you some of the processed rosemary as I have just spent 6 hours doing bottled beetroot, rosemary and freezing pak choi. . . . it's all organic, nothing added)

wron, Jan 4, 3:47am
Thanks for your reply fisher! We over softened the butter so it was partly molten then added the finely chopped fresh rosemary so the process consisted of pouring some into my cupped hand then sliding my fingers under the loosened skin and massaging it round - messy but satisfying! I did the same to the outside skin after I'd finished as my hands were so sloshy, then grated some salt.
I'd love some of the rosemary, please send to
Bruce Ronald, 18 Turanga Rd, Hendeson Valley, Waitakere City, Auckland 0612 PS I love your smoking idea, I recently bought a little cast iron smoker box, same brand as the BBQ, has 2 compartments, one for chips or sawdust and smaller one for water, says material doesn't need any soaking - not used yet. I was interested to see they sold bags of chips in all sorts of varieties including apple wood, hickory and old bourbon casks! I've got my own manuka sawdust though. Hope you got a decent dollop of rain as the north is incredibly dry.

toadfish, Jan 4, 3:50am
I will vote off your post when fisher has it as you don't want it hanging about. . . . Others too please.

fisher, Jan 4, 4:21am
ohhh oks. . got it. . cheers. . will get some in the post before we scoot overseas. .

fisher, Jan 4, 4:35am
wron. . . just mix the rosemary into the 'oversoftened" butter and put it back into the fridge. . to harden up a little. . . makes it all a lot easier and as you press from the outside, your warmed hands melt it making it easier to spread inside. . . doesn't have to be perfect. .
No good unused lol:} yes the water part is used to actually cool the smoke down and you place the box on top of the flames. . . great gadget, have one here. . use chips for longer smoking. . use manuka sawdust for quick smoke. . . let cool and clean out immediately. . .
Since November start we have had 1. 0 mil. . 1. 2 mil. . and today 1. 5ml. . . not really enough to do anything or fill up the tanks but good relief for the vege plants. . skies clearing again so not holding my breath :{{{

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wron, Jan 4, 11:17am
That's fine toadfish!

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