Maggi kids love to cook book. dressing recipe

jellabie, Mar 26, 9:40pm
I had this book for a few years then when we shifted about4 years ago I never saw it again.It has a pasta salad recipe in it and I would really like to have the recipe for the dressing that was in it.It had green herb stock, and maybe vinegar and mustard powder.It had a huge amount of oil in it too. I used to double the dressing recipe and only add a tiny fracton of the oil it called for. It was really tasty.Does anyone have this book and would they mind taking a quick look please!

jellabie, Mar 26, 9:41pm
it was a spiral bound book, flip style like a calendar, not a typical bound book

seaslug, Mar 26, 10:33pm
I have a copy of this book at home jellabie. if you can hang fire for an hour I can post the recipe for you

jellabie, Mar 26, 11:27pm
yes please, I would be so grateful for that seaslug

jellabie, Mar 27, 12:45am
I have the salad all ready - just need the dressing!

245sam, Mar 27, 1:04am
Here you are jellabie.

4 tsp green Herb Stock Powder
¼ tsp dry mustard
6 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp wine vinegar
½ tsp liquid honey

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk until well mixed.:-))

jellabie, Mar 27, 1:06am
oh yummmmm thanks so much for that. it sounds pretty basic but it is lovely once you take out most of the oil - 6T a little too much for one salad!

jellabie, Mar 27, 1:07am
I have saved in notepad so I can go back to it again and again!

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