Recipe for a Bread Pudding Please

indy95, Apr 6, 1:34am
Can anyone provide a recipe for a cake-like type of bread pudding which I remember from a long time ago ? It has a much firmer texture than the standard bread and butter pudding and can be sliced like a cake. It usually contains bread, spice, eggs and some dried fruit and possibly even golden syrup and is baked. I am sure I saw it in here some time ago but have not been able to find it. Any help would be appreciated.

biglou, Apr 6, 3:21am
Is it called poor mans wedding cake by any chance? I got the recipe from my father in law. It was popular during the war when everything cookable was in shortage. It turns out like a cake that can be eaten hot ( with custard ) or sliced cold like a loaf? I will type out the recipe if you want this one? Mrs biglou

biglou, Apr 6, 6:31am
bumping for indy95

yduj, Apr 6, 6:43am
Google 'english bread pudding' - there are many recipes. I think you are talking about the one that is made from left over stale bread, dried fruit and spices and is cooked as a slice. sprinkled with sugar and was sold in cake shops when I was in England in the 70's - I lusted after the stuff

Here's one of the many on google:


1/4 lb. stale bread
1 oz. suet or 1/4 c. Crisco
2 oz. currants and sultanas (3/4 c. )
1 oz. sugar (1/4 c. )
1/4 pt. milk (1/2 c. )
1 egg
2 tsp. mixed spice
Pinch of salt

Soak stale bread in water. Squeeze out excess water. Mix all ingredients together. Cook in slow oven 1-2 hours.

indy95, Apr 6, 10:38am
I have found what I'm looking for on a UK website. Thank you biglou and yduj for your help.

jimminette, Jan 8, 4:51pm
Yduj - MIL in England used to make similar and I've convinced people its Christmas Pudding before today. I used to freeze all the crusts the kids wouldn't eat and every now and then make a load of bread puddings for husband (I like too)Much prefer this to soggy NZ Bread pudding which makes me gag.

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