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minn1, Jun 24, 11:25pm
tonight,neighbouring farming community,and I'v got the savoury sorted, just am totally stuck as to ideas for a puddy. Not really "in the mood" for baking-which is normally a good thing to avoid I'v found, it all goes flat etc lol. So, something simple but yum. Hate it when I get stuck. Any tips greatfully accepted :)

shellz213, Jun 24, 11:30pm
Apple Crumble or Sticky Date Pudding?
Chocolate Brownies or Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding?
I've also got a nice recipe for a plum and coconut shortcake if you would like that.

kinna54, Jun 24, 11:36pm
choc self saucing sponge pud? What about a fruit trifle, you can do lots of different varietys, just layer fruit, juice or sherry/liquerflavoured sponge (use choc sponge and berries or peaches for a nice effect) and cream throughout an attractive bowl, top with whipped cream and garnish. Maybe a rhubarb or fruit crumble, as no worry about it rising

kinna54, Jun 24, 11:41pm
An easy choc trifle is choc swiss roll placed in the bottom of the bowl, chocolate custard or mousse, or instant pudding on top, leave to set, finish with whipped cream and chocolate curls to garnish.
Chocolate mousse is another easy one, there is a Gordon Ramsay recipe around that is really easy.

nfh1, Jun 24, 11:43pm
I am just feeling the same OP - I have to do a pud for a pot luck supper tonight as well.I am going with apple crumble - far too much of a coward to do anything which needs to rise or something equally dramatic!

rainrain1, Jun 25, 12:00am
Here's a Coffee Roll Recipe.... it's delicious and easy
Beat 5 egg whites stiffly and add 1 large breakfastcup of sugar and the 5 yolks. When creamy, add 1 large cup flour, 1/2 teasp baking powder and 2 Tblsp coffee essence. Cook on oven tray on baking paper. Roll up as soon as possible, When cool unroll and add filling.
Filling....cream all well together
4 Tblsp butter
2 Tblsp coffee essence
175gr icing sugar

kiwitrish, Jun 25, 12:26am
Sounds yummy.What oven temp and how long to cook for please?

rainrain1, Jun 25, 12:36am
The recipe doesn't tell you what temp.I'd go for about 175.
It makes a large roll too.Editing to say cook20 to 25 minutes.Do the touch test, if it springs back its cooked, if not leave another few minutes
From A Good Spread recipe book

nfh1, Jun 25, 12:39am
It sounds lovely - could you tell me what a breakfast cup is and is that different from the large cup please?Thanks.

rainrain1, Jun 25, 12:40am
same thing

nfh1, Jun 25, 12:45am
Thank you very much - I am easily confused!

kiwibubbles, Jun 25, 12:56am
what about a rice pudding?

moggie57, Jun 25, 1:18am
> fruit kebabs
> a big bowl of ambrosia
> platter of choc fingers,fresh fruit, bowl of cream & youghurt mixed etc

no cooking involved

moggie57, Jun 25, 1:20am
>>>>trifle is another good quick one without cooking/ apart form the custard...........yummmmmmm

southerngurl, Jun 25, 1:21am
ambrosia is a fantastic throw together dish...

minn1, Jun 25, 2:01am
thank you :) Yes,some of those were tossing around in my head-and some I'v not heard of before and they sound YUM ! Many thanks,am going to do something akin to a trifle and ambrosia combo (aka-whatever's in the cupboard/freezer and that looks stunning when served up in something pretty lol) Always worry that others will bring the same of whatever I decide on-but then, that's the whole deal with potluck isn't it?! For the savoury-as a way of saying thanks for you offers of ideas, I'm going to do something that is SO easy and SO yum. Kumera,cooked and still warm,cubed and in the serving dish(deep casserole with a lid so it can be kept warm) and intosaucepan,put a largish bottle of cream (300ml is fine but it can get a bit thick)and begin to heat it slowly,and add a packet of onion soup mix,stir as it warms and thickens,and pour over the kumera,stir through, and num num num. Nice cold too ,if theres any left over. :)

cookessentials, Jun 25, 2:03am
Dessert thread has been bumped for you. Shall bump the apple desserts thread for you too.

elliehen, Jun 25, 5:33am
A breakfast cup is usually a raised 250 ml measuring cup.

nfh1, Jun 25, 5:37am
thanks elliehen - I have a jug 'thingy' which converts cups to grams but I was confused with the references to the two different sized cups in the recipe.As I have no confidence with baking I need the exact measurements, and it still goes wrong sometimes.

elliehen, Jun 25, 5:42am
I confuse myself at times.A cup and mls are measurements of volume and a lot of older recipes use breakfastcups and teacups to measure the volume of flour and sugar.

It reminds me of that children's riddle:Which weighs more...a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?

nfh1, Jun 25, 5:46am
It seems odd to me because in most recipes there are two different measurements, cups and grams.So if you are getting the scales out why not measure everything - but then all this is very new to me, I suppose if you were brought up with cups, measuring everything seems silly!

rainrain1, Jun 25, 6:01am
So how much is in a large cup then as opposed to a raised 250 cup, very much the same I would think

elliehen, Jun 25, 10:02am
How long is a piece of string?Depends how large your large cup is ;)

rainrain1, Jun 25, 8:27pm
have a happy day :-)

gardie, Jun 25, 8:30pm
I'd agree with this.

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