a gift idea (Ok or not so good lol)

bunny51, Apr 5, 8:05pm
was thinking of getting a container (Have seensomething in the warehouse, a pottery type container with metal clasp type clip thing) and filling it with some biscuits orsomething. Does this sem ok (Not something I usually do, would usually just grab a box of choccies but thought maybe something else) anyway am looking for opinions or other ideas etc. (Is in parenting and general to see what other opinions are) thank you

margyr, Apr 5, 8:10pm
does your friend need another container? it is a nice idea but whenever people give me things it is a hassle finding somewhere to put it, I have a neice that gives me bowls every christmas, yeah they are nice but as I seldom break anything it is a problem finding somewhere to store them.

hezwez, Apr 5, 8:11pm
Depends whether the recipient likes pottery. If they're in hospital, (you haven't said what occasion the gift is for) a light pretty click clack type may be better, and is more versatile. Biscuits would stay fresher I think. My Mum's mantra, after years of being given stuff she didn't want to keep, ~ which I heartily endorse, was that she wanted nothing she couldn't "eat up, use up, or give away"

bunny51, Apr 5, 8:18pm
that is one of thereasons I had a few doubts lol.

bunny51, Apr 5, 8:19pm
oops sorry, it is for a birthday present.

margyr, Apr 5, 8:22pm
and candles is another thing i seem to get given, and noooooooo i never light the things. stick with the chocolates, or even a voucher then they can get something they want/need.

bunny51, Apr 5, 8:25pm
Hehe I looked at some candles and wondered what she would do with them...

margyr, Apr 5, 8:26pm

duckmoon, Apr 5, 9:23pm
I give people things which I have made:
it is an act of love which is more personal than a box of chocolates.

I try and find out what kind of jam they like (e. g. BIL only eats raspberry jam) and cater to their taste...

What about a batch of biscuits in cellophane.

Also, if they don't like the jar, don't need the jar; they can keep it for a while, and then donate to the Sallys.
I don't see a container or dish needs to be kept forever.

duckmoon, Apr 5, 9:24pm
Are you my aunt? ? !

bunny51, Apr 5, 10:08pm
Any thoughts on the gifts in jars (put in the dry mix for biscuits/brownies etc and include instructions for making) and decorate somehouw)

illusion_, Apr 5, 10:15pm
A click-clack will always be useful later on.

But fill it with biscuits that YOU HAVE MADE. Home-made bikkies are always appreciated.

Great inexpensive pressie

elliehen, Apr 5, 11:29pm
duckmoon, are you interested in posting your pear/ginger jam recipe please? I'm planning to make it from fresh pears... .

elliehen, Apr 5, 11:36pm
bunny 51, you could stick with your original idea, but say to the recipient that she is welcome to 'regift' it when it's empty :)

bunny51, Apr 5, 11:49pm
Thats a good idea. thank you

griffo4, Apr 6, 7:52am
l did the recipes in a jar as xmas gifts in jars l got from warehouse and they were a hit and you can use the jar for preserves etc or give it away.
They looked lovely and there were plenty of different recipes and they were not the run of the mill gifts and of course you could mix it up and get a great batch of biscuits when you want them

duckmoon, Apr 6, 11:01am
I will look it up and post... But tomorrow

jenner4, Apr 7, 5:57am
This was on "sticky TV" a gift of biscuit mix in a jar

huggy5, Jan 8, 5:58pm
What about putting the biscuits in a nice plant pot and tape a packet of seeds to the outside?