How thick should my tomato sauce be - homemade

dibble35, Mar 1, 3:02am
just about ready to bottle it, and looks a little bit runny still, will it thicken as it cools in the bottle! 1st time i've made it, thanks

dibble35, Mar 1, 3:11am
put some on a plate to cool and it thickened up quite a bit but still not like watties- shouldnt go that thick though should it!

cgvl, Mar 1, 3:43am
if you want it thick then keep boiling it to reduce some more. Not sure how long my tomato sauce takes but Plum sauce was boiled for 2 hours. Its nice and thick too.

fifie, Mar 1, 4:15am
My lot just made i boiled it for about 1/2 -3/4 hr after sugar ,spices etc were added to get it a little bit thicker, At the momentits not overly thick but not worried as it will thicken with sitting over winter. If you want it thicker do as #3 says.

buzzy110, Mar 1, 4:20am
If you make it too thick you may not get it back out of the bottle. Unless you are going to put the sauce into jars, I'd be careful about making it too thick.

My friend makes tomato sauce and hers is more of a gluggy pour and not too thick at all and it is perfect.

I presume you are making ketchup type sauce and not pasta sauce.

dibble35, Mar 1, 4:56am
Yep, all bottled tastes pretty good, finally got my act together today and made tom relish and the tom sauce, relish is a bit spicy, supposed to add few chillis and I only had the chilli paste, so chucked in some of that but think slightly to much. Will be interesting what people think of it. As for the sauce. ran out of bottles and jars for the last 2!litres so put them into plastic bottles. Someone on here said that they freeze their sauce, and bring it out as they need it, so will try that, thanks

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