Can you use tinned tomatoes for tomato sauce.....

anndi7, Apr 4, 10:15pm
I live in Aust & tomatoes are nearly $6 per kg at present & I NEED to make some tomato sauce - Has anyone ever made it from tinned tomatoes. Just wondering if it would work.

mallee, Apr 4, 10:20pm
Ok, fresh is best, but at $6. 00 a kg, one can improvise, I'm sure. The cost of meat, fruit and vege's here in NZ have increased also, I really don't know how some people are managing.

anndi7, Apr 4, 10:28pm
Mallee - they go on & on over here about kids not eating enough FRESH fruit & veges, but geez they are so expensy AND the fruit has been in cold store for a year. Can't see any goodness in that. Im an ex-HB ite & I miss the fresh fruit & veges. Almost thinking of returning to the Bay for that reason.

mallee, Apr 4, 11:32pm
anndi, yes we too have noticed the cost of fruit & vege's when we go over to our holiday home in Surfers. Last Christmas, we just couldn't justify the price of asparagus, although it's one of my absolute favourite vege's, we just didn't buy it. We are building in Vanuatu, and we buy from the market there, to keep the costs down. It seem's to be a global problem. Thank god we don't have 3 or 4 kids to feed.

harrislucinda, Apr 4, 11:35pm
yesyou canbutallowthejuicequantityaswill turn outrunny

razell, Apr 5, 5:21am
I have made sauce from tinned tomatoes and it was great.

duckmoon, Apr 5, 5:33am
I know that I use tinned pears for my pear and ginger jam.

elliehen, Apr 5, 5:38am
duckmoon, could you post your recipe please? The ginger/pear combo appeals...

angelwarrior, Apr 5, 6:12am
tinned tomatos are fine.

korbo, Jan 2, 10:19pm
why not phone your sis and get her packt tom soup recipe... . .