Iced tea

katie232, Jan 31, 8:10am
would like a recipe to make iced tea similar to the commercialproduct.

fisher, Jan 31, 10:56am
Iced Tea.To make 3 litres of iced tea
From my wifey and she is from South Carolina.that's how she made it in the deep south :}
Fill your electric jug and bring to boil. Pour the boiling water over 5 tea bags in a heatproof glass container.
Set the container aside and allow the tea to steep for 3 hours or overnight . Then fish the teabags out .You can squeeze them to get that last drop of flavour. If you want "sweet tea," add a scant 3/4 cup of sugar and stir it until dissolved. Add a little more cold water and place in fridge to cool.
Pour into tall glass and add a lemon wedge to the side of the glass. This is to be squeezed into the tea when drinking
Ice cubes for that hot summer day and a sprig of mint on the side.

sarahb5, Feb 1, 1:45am
You need a full 3 litres of boiling water or do you top it up - my jug only holds 1.7 litres

sarahb5, Feb 1, 1:46am

haybales, Feb 27, 5:40am
Easy recipe, but whats NZ's equivalent of Kool Aid!

kay141, Feb 27, 6:48am
Boil it, pour it over the tea bags and then do it again. Should work. I use 6 or so fruit tea bags. Present ones are Dilmah Lime and Orange Infusion. I add some sugar while it is still hot. Seem to have worked out how much I need by now

elliehen, Feb 27, 6:52am
Kool Aid is a sachet of powdered cordial that you add to water.Raro!

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