bread sliced lengthwise?

coombs22, Feb 1, 9:36am
does anyone know what bread baker slices bread lengthwise?

anglia, Feb 1, 9:38am
vogels has a variety.

lulu239, Feb 2, 4:14am
Can I suggest that you contact your supermarket to find a contact. Another suggestion is to Google the bakers and contact them to find out if they would cut some for you. I have seen it done (but not for some years) for people who do lots of sammies.

robyn35, Feb 2, 6:24am
Brumbys have a bread slicer so I am pretty sure they could slice it length ways if you asked them.

lythande1, Feb 2, 10:00pm

ange164, Jul 26, 8:19am
yeah, like robyn says. I used to work in a bakery and we had a slicer out the back. It was common for us to slice the bacon and cheese loaves on an angle for customers so they could have a sort of "long" slice. Not common for them to ask for it to be sliced length ways, but it would've been no hassle had they asked.

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