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dollydot, Jan 20, 10:05pm
We have some tiny plums from a tree that is 80-100 years old and are wondering what we can make with them.They are not highly flavoured and not too sour, more slightly sweet.They are ripe and a small variety about the size of a large cherry. Because they are small they probably need to be cooked and the stones removed with a sieve rather than cutting them into pieces and cooked as a fruit crumble etc.Any ideas for recipes for these!

pickles7, Jan 20, 10:21pm
Leave them for the birds.

cgvl, Jan 20, 10:32pm
jam, sauce, chutney or stew and freeze for later use in crumble or fruit sponge type puddings

dollydot, Jan 20, 10:40pm
Thanks I think stewing them is probably the best idea.

The birds don't seem to damage them on the tree which is hugely laden with perfect fruit but they might be eating them when they fall on the ground.

retired, Jan 20, 10:41pm
Are the damsons!

daleaway, Jan 21, 12:06am
No, not damsons. Try this:

I agree with #3.

elliehen, Jan 21, 2:23am
There are some of those growing wild along a local estuary walkway.Reminds me to go for a walk there.they are delicious.

kob, Jan 21, 2:39am
we have those and they are good for making either jam or sauce with but if making suace I usually try and mix them with other types of plums, because it is such an old tree if making jam I suggest using a proper jam sugar as tis will help to thicken it, otherwise they tend to be quite watery

dollydot, Jan 21, 3:47am
Go for it elliehen, lovely to find something so yummy and healthy too!

dollydot, Jan 21, 3:50am
Thanks kob, I think plum sauce might be nice.Guess I can put them in whole and scoop the seeds out as so many recipes say to cut them up and stone them, too time consuming with cherry plums!

dollydot, Jan 21, 3:52am
Thanks daleway, yes,they must be cherry plums.They are so pretty and the tree looks beautiful all laden right now.

uli, Jan 21, 5:36am
They are called "Christmas Plums" up here in the North and you can do anything with them.

I usually bottle about 20 to 30 jars of them.
Then I pickle about 10 jars.
The rest gets cooked and then pushed through a sieve to remove the stones and the resultant "mash" gets cooked into either plum jam or plum sauce or thickened with some gelatine and frozen to add to yoghurt or ice cream later in the season.

dollydot, Jan 21, 5:49am
Am just making Aunt Daisy's plum sauce recipe as it looks so easy so the house smells yummy.Hope it tastes as good!

kuaka, Jan 21, 9:26am
That link doesn't work for me.What colour are they!What colour is the flesh and what colour is the skin!

kaddiew, Jan 21, 9:58am
Maybe because the thread is a year old.

iamkat, Jan 21, 10:05am
I have the same sort of plum tree and remove the stones from them before I cook them mainly because its a pain in the arse to try and sieve them out - I bought a cherry pitter - it makes the whole job a lot easier! I have already made 3 batches of plum sauce already

kuaka, Jan 21, 10:42am
Oh I didn't realise that.Oops!

kob, Jan 21, 7:16pm
thats def what type of plum I have and I have 3 trees of them and they are laden, so much so that the branches are breaking

dollydot, Jan 22, 1:08am
You are lucky having such a lovely plum tree. Pretty looking trees too. Enjoy!I've made Aunt Daisy's plum sauce yesterday from them and today cooking them to use as pureed fruit for on cereal etc. Smells and tastes great!

buzzy110, Jan 22, 2:47am
They grow wild all over the place. I used to stop and pick bags of them when I used to drive around the top half of the North Island. There are about 10 trees growing at a spot I like to park at for lunch beside Lake Taupo. I was there just 2 weeks ago and they were groaning under the weight of fruit that nobody seemed to want.

It is nice to know what they are called. Thank you daleway.

krazy_kat, Jan 22, 2:54am
Ok weird.I just came on here to ask for a plum sauce recipe and here is this link right at the top of the page!

So the Aunt Daisy's plum sauce recipe, where would I find it!!

dollydot, Jan 22, 2:55am
Oops sorry I repeated myself, thought I was in gardening!

dollydot, Jan 22, 2:57am
This is where I fund it krazy_kat. Hope that helps.


krazy_kat, Jan 22, 3:07am
Thanks Dollydot.My boss gave me 10kg or more of plums so that is an aweful lot of sauce I'm making!

dollydot, Jan 22, 3:19am
Lol, that will keep you going!You could just cook some as stewed fruit too if you become too inundated with sauce! I'm about to do my second potful of cherry plums today.They are nicely flavoured not particularly sour so even OK without sugar which is even better.

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