Plum sauce

irishnz1, Jan 20, 4:41am
hi has anyone got a good recipe for a easy plum sauce they are the small plum type so dont want a big lot and dont want alot of spices in it if you can help thanks

jessie981, Jan 20, 5:22am
Aunt Daisy - halve quantities
6lb dark plums
3 pints vinegar
2lb sugar
1tsp cayenne pepper
6tsp salt
2tsp gr ginger
1tsp pepper
2tsp ground cloves
1tsp ground mace
1oz garlic
Boil together till pulpy, strain throgh colander. Bottle when cold

8lb plums
3pts vinegar
4dsp gr ginger
1tsp pepper
4dsp gr cloves
6tsp salt
1 tin golden syrup
Boil together, adding golden syrup when all is hot. Boil 3 - 4 hrs. Strain & bottle

there may be more recipies in the l/h messageboard. check it out.

irishnz1, Jan 20, 5:40am
thank u

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