Help plum jam and tomatoe chutney recipie

blindguy, Jan 13, 6:32am
has anyone got a really nice recipie for these that is easy and cheap to make please and many thanks

cgvl, Jan 13, 6:53am
1.5kg plums, 3/4cup water bring to boil and cook until mush. Strain through a colander to remove stones and skins. Put back into preserving pan and return to boil, add 750gm sugar and keep at a rolling boil until some tested will set. Bottle. If using yellow plums you can add 1tin of crushed pineapple to mix.

I dont have my tomato relish/chutney recipe handy. But from memory its tomatoes, apples, onions and raisins, sugar, salt, vinegar and some spices.

blindguy, Jan 13, 7:04am
how much does that plum jam make

cgvl, Jan 13, 8:16am
Hi it will make about 6 jars of jam. Old measure is 3lb plums to 2½lb sugar.

jessie981, Jan 13, 8:55am
Recipies in l/h message board. Try there.

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