jesusisalive, Feb 1, 10:22am
As a child my mum used to make it out of Sunshine soup mix - yum, but went off the market. i have just discovered Tui Sauce in the shops that is really tomatoey.

male_timaru, Feb 1, 12:14pm
Tuimato! ! loltried it - wasn't my cup of tea lol

My fave tom sauce is my home-made pizza base/pasta sauce

moondoggie, Feb 1, 12:16pm
yea i had some of the Tui stuff for the 1st time on New Years Eve, and it was good. I do love Watties though. And Whitlocks chutney i think its called?

male_timaru, Feb 1, 12:38pm
hahaha moondoggie - love your profile pic - do you just love ciggies or do you work in a shop which sells them hahaaaaa

moondoggie, Feb 1, 12:40pm
lol thats my work. I was THAT bored oneday that me and my work mate took photos of ourselves for something to do haha

male_timaru, Feb 1, 12:49pm

good on ya! ! hahahaa

we're hoping to try and get ciggs banned forever on another thread - i gate em! ! used ot smoke for a small while too! ! after years of trying to get my dad to quit too! ! grrrrrr

moondoggie, Feb 1, 12:57pm
Yea i smoke sometimes, i did say yes to banning them in that thread though :) I saw all those people being mean to you today, hope it didnt get to you :) Was it in parenting? I try to stay away from there, they scare me lol

korbo, Feb 1, 6:26pm
i dont like watties, except on a hotday at the show... . there is a recipe using soup mix, and the rate this wet weather is carrying on the tomatoes in the paddocks will rot, so may have to make it. remember my nana used to make it.

cgvl, Feb 1, 7:52pm
Tuimato all the way here. To me it tastes just like mum's old fashioned tomato sauce.

annie.nz, Feb 1, 9:19pm

lavender32, Feb 1, 10:59pm
I buy my favourite tomato sauce from Bulls bacon shop. It's called bulls blood & is $9 a bottle. Pretty expensive but it's really yum.

huntlygirl, Feb 1, 11:02pm
I love my homemade with my secret ingredient which is xmas mince pie filling.

jag5, Feb 1, 11:46pm
My home made. Nothing else LOL

eastie3, Feb 2, 12:35am
I loved Watties Homestyle tomato sauce until I tasted Tuimato. I buy two bottles at a time now, its really good stuff.

andrew499, Feb 2, 1:06am
my mother's homemade tomato sauce comes top of the list for me. Next would be HP. As to supermarket sauces, i find Budget from Newworld and pack and Save to be as good as anything aelse, and usually quite a bit cheaper.

angel404, Feb 2, 1:09am
i like watties or greggs. but i love my homemade tomato sauce - just waiting for enough of my tomatoes to ripen so i can make up a batch.

pickles7, Feb 2, 2:57am
ditch tomato sauce , make plum sauce. . We buy two cans of tomato sauce a year , Watties. .

valentino, Feb 2, 4:24am
For those in west Auckland, a fruit and Vege shop plus a lunch bar - restaurant attached on the corner of Riverhead Road and SH 16, their tomato sauce is superb, so natural and tomatoey thick.

Trying to think of their name.


darlingmole, Feb 2, 4:40am
Hey Valentino - are you talking about the shop next to the fruit'n'vege shop with a name that begins with B?

And everyone else ... where do you buy "tuimato" sauce? because I'm intrigued enough to buy it!

darlingmole, Feb 2, 4:44am
Is it Borics or Blosssoms Valentino? ... ... .

moondoggie, Feb 2, 4:45am
Woolworths :)

darlingmole, Feb 2, 4:52am
xlnt moodoggie ... ta for that because I'm going to make a special trip next week to buy some :-)

kerrykins, Feb 2, 4:53am
Tuimato is our new favourite over watties original

uli, Feb 2, 4:57am
Since this is "recipes" - has anyone a "favourite recipe" of your tomato sauce - I didn't think the idea was to check in with each other what to "buy" - or was it?

darlingmole, Feb 2, 4:59am
go on then Pickles7 ... will you share your plum sauce recipe please?

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