Sausage and Bean Casserole recipe from magazine

kiwibubbles, Mar 30, 9:46pm
I made this dish a few weeks ago - it was from either That's Life or Woman's Day - it was delish! ! but man I've lost the recipe - argh! Does anyone here have it. It had beef sausages and beans in it... . .

am also posting in general

buzzy110, Mar 31, 12:01am
Oh well. In the absence of any help from anyone else I'd say that this recipe looks like it is probably a much straitened and fat reduced version of the most wonderful French Cassoulet.

I have googled it and here is a link to the Woman's Day version (you could have done this yourself of course)

You could also google using the phrase 'sausage and bean casserole' or just plain 'Cassoulet' and you will be rewarded with many recipes and versions.

Some useless info: Once upon a time there was a village suffering from the ravages of war and each household was down to very little food. The town pulled together. They all donated whatever they could spare and all the disparate ingredients were cooked in a big pot. The result was Cassoulet and this dish nourished the village daily. I have always thought this a wonderful story and think that areas that have sudden and devastating events could get together and do this instead of just looking out for themselves.

kiwibubbles, Mar 31, 12:15am
uh thanks - i wasn't even aware woman's day had a website
and thanks for that history on the cassoulet

kiwibubbles, Mar 31, 12:25am
that's not it... . but thanks though. . the recipe i used had pasta sauce in it.

buzzy110, Mar 31, 12:47am
Sorry I couldn't find the right recipe. Maybe later on this evening someone may pop in and have the right recipe.

kiwibubbles, Mar 31, 1:13am
yeap - we need a magazine-a-holic in here :)

skol2, Mar 31, 1:16am
There's a White Bean and Sausage Bake recipe which uses pasta sauce on the That's Life website.

kiwibubbles, Mar 31, 1:38am
i had a look and no thats not it... probably quite similar though... it was done in a frying pan
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and it had bacon in it too - thats another thing i remember... .

donald6, Mar 31, 5:10am
Could this be it? Sausages & beans. 1 onion diced, 500g beef sausages, 4 bacon rashers chopped, 1t bottled crushed chilli, 2 cloves garlic crushed, 400g can cannellini beans drained, 420g jar tomato pasta sauce, 1/2C prepared beef stock, 1/4C chopped parsley. Heat a frying pan. Add onions, sausages & bacon & cook for 5 mins till browned. Add chilli & garlic & cook 1 min. Add beans, pasta sauce & stock, simmer 10 mins till sausages are cooked. Stir through parsley & season.

kiwibubbles, Mar 31, 5:44am
yes that sounds very familar! where did ya get it from?

donald6, Dec 21, 7:18am
I think it was That's Life. I'm an avid recipe hoarder.

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