marshjp, Dec 20, 9:45am
Can anyone recommend where to buy nice sausages from in Auckland, I used to go to a small butcher in Lynn Mall near countdown but he closed down and left last friday, so I am now looking for a new butcher to keep me supplied, any help would be appriciated,

leebee35, Dec 20, 9:55am
Grey Lynn Butchers, 531 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn


Westmere Butchery, 131 West End Road, Westmere

marshjp, Dec 20, 10:12am
is there any particular sausage you can recommend from them leebee!

fogs, Dec 20, 11:04am
Make your own we do and they are fantastic tasting.

davidt4, Dec 20, 8:55pm
Grey Lynn Butchers make fantastic sausages, mostly gluten-free.Their free range pork breakfast sausages are excellent, as are their pork and Chardonnay, pork and fennel and beef and garlic.The only kind I haven't liked is their Mexican-flavoured sausages.

tjman, Dec 20, 11:34pm
The English Butcher, I think it is has a sign says the Village butcher in lunn ave auckland opposite Farrro.He makes all kinds of sausages, the correct way.They are so nice, and I'm not a fan of sausages!

sousou1, Dec 21, 12:57am
It looks like I may have to give grey lynn butchers a try, a bit of a hike from Titirangi but that is 2 recommendations for them,

kokopuff, Dec 21, 1:05am
How far are you willing to travel! The Dury butcher is awesome.

davidt4, Dec 21, 1:40am
They were my local butchers until recently and I can't praise them too highly.Lucia is very obliging, and Eddie will cut anything you want while you wait.Their lamb in particular is wonderful, so is the bacon they make on the premises from free-range pork.

sousou1, Dec 21, 3:55am
I'm going to head over there tomorrow and see what they have to offer, hopefully they are as good as everyone is saying, I was devastated when I saw my butcher gone, no warning, overnight he was gone

valentino, Dec 21, 4:02am
Is this the " Porky's Express" been at Lynmall since Lynmall started.

sousou1, Dec 21, 4:05am
That is the one, they are no longer there

marshjp, Dec 21, 6:39am
Porky's express was the shop I was talking about aswell, does anyone know if they have just moved elsewhere or closed down for good!

marshjp, Dec 22, 9:17am
I visited grey lynn butchery today, I would highly recommend it to everyone! their meats are amazing and the smell when you first walk in the door is to die for, thanks everyone who helped me out with this one