Birdseye frozen vegetable fingers, corn fritters

kclu, Mar 30, 4:21am
bubble 'n squeak. On special at Woolworths etc. Anyone tried any of these? Please don't tell me to make them.

kabbo, Mar 30, 4:33am
yeah - i've tried them. was a while ago. they're nice, maybe a bit floppy if I recall, but tasty. havent tried the corn fritters but the others i have.

a_n_h, Mar 30, 6:45am
i used to like the corn fritters(or what ever they are). havent had them in yonks though.

nzhel, Dec 19, 12:56pm
Yes we've had them except the corn fritters. They are quite pleasant but can be 'floppy' as another poster said so need to be turned carefully.

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