Chocolate covered coffee beans, best beans to use!

wilson16, Dec 17, 6:24pm
Has anyone done this. I'm thinking a mild bean may be best because they are so intense.
Made my own chrystallized ginger which is very hot, so will do somechocolate coated too.
And I thought of those bottled cherries from the supermarket, if I drain them very well.
All other suggestions and advicegratefully recieved from all you good people.

prawn_whiskas, Dec 17, 8:35pm
Any bean that takes your fancy really!I find the chocolate is more important, the cocoa % needs to match what ever bean you are using.

elliehen, Dec 18, 2:24am
I'm liking your suggestion of chocolate-coating the boozy cherries :)

wilson16, Dec 18, 5:20am

elliehen, Dec 18, 6:08am
I saw on a thread here some time ago that someone had taken a packet of ordinary soft fruit jubes and dipped them in chocolate.I'm sure they would go down well.

wilson16, Dec 19, 6:08am
I bought some dried figs and some orange essence prunes today.
Ahhh, forgot the coffee beans.
Can you still buy them loose at the supermarkets or will I have to buy a whole bag!

next-to-normal, Dec 19, 7:18am
french bean good

guest, Jan 11, 5:38am
I dind't know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

guest, Jan 13, 12:49pm
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guest, Jan 14, 7:44pm
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