Chocolate icing!

babyangel07, Dec 16, 12:58am
can anyone tell me a recipe with the icing sugar and cocoa powder that i use to make chocolate icing! how much do i need of each so that its not so runny!

sarahb5, Dec 16, 1:03am
There's a recipe for this!I just use a cup of icing sugar, couple of Tbsps of cocoa and enough hot water to make it to the consistency I want/need

cookessentials, Dec 16, 10:38pm
I use sifted icing sugar and cocoa and a small knob of butter, then add boiled water to get the right consistency.

fec2003, Dec 16, 10:43pm
I second cookessentials. I also use this recipe, adding some dark cooking melts, to make a scrummy fudgy sauce for icecream! Made in seconds, in the microwave! (to melt the butter and melts into the mixture)

How big is the cake you want to ice! A cup of icing sugar is going to make a reasonable quantity.

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