Chocolate Icing

char522, Dec 4, 5:42am
Does anyone have thechocolate icing recipie thats made with melted chocolate and cooking oil!

monkey_room, Dec 4, 5:47am
I use one made with cream. icing sugar and cocoa and it to die for! I dont know about oil. The other one is chocolate and cream (ganache) which is yummy and you can google recipes for that.

sarahb5, Dec 4, 8:23am
If you put oil in chocolate it won't set so will slide off anything you ice with it

jaybee6, Dec 4, 8:24am
Not sur why sarahb has said that above as I always put oil into my melted choc and have never had a prob.

sarahb5, Dec 4, 8:48am
I said it because that's been my experience

splitty, Dec 4, 10:23pm
I have seen a chocolate olive oil ganache recipe which has 200g dark choc, 130ml cream, and 1-2 Tbsp olive oil. You heat the cream until almost boiling (until there are small bubbles around the edges) pour over the broken up choc, whisk until smooth, allow to cool slightly and add olive oil. Put in the fridge until set then use like you would normally. I can't remember where I found this, it was online somewhere.

wildflower, Dec 5, 2:08am
Using oil just has the same effect as kremelta I think and I've seen kremelta used plenty of times.I never buy it though so add oil if I need to think it down a bit.

buzzy110, Dec 5, 3:53am
google is your friend. Check out any of the recipes on this site which links to a lots of chocolate & oil recipes:!q=recipe+chocolate+frosting+with+oil&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

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