Braeburn apples

kylina426, Mar 28, 9:38am
I have been offered a lot of braeburn apples but does anyone know if they go pulpy when they are cooked, or if they stay in whole slices?
Many thanks

indy95, Mar 28, 9:04pm
Kylina426, Braeburns will usually keep their shape when cooked unless you use a potato masher or something like that to mash them down. I use Braeburns for apple puddings or pies for that reason.

elliehen, Mar 28, 9:09pm
Braeburn apples are good keepers too. They are one of the later season apples - quite tart compared to some of the earlier varieties and excellent for cooking and baking.

kylina426, Mar 29, 10:24am
Thanks for that. I went and got them today along with some ballarat apples. The braeburns did mush up, but are much coarser than the ballarat. Yummmmmm!

cookessentials, Dec 15, 12:00pm
I use braeburns whenn ever I can - I love the slight tartness of them. They hold their shape well.