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charliesangel04, Dec 4, 3:16am
can anyone please tell me how to make butter using fresh milk! we live on a dairy farm and have access to milk straight from the vat

patxyz, Dec 4, 3:18am
Butter is made from cream.

Ever whipped cream!Carry on whipping it and it will turn to butter

harrislucinda, Dec 4, 3:23am
geeon adairyfarmandyoudontknowbutterismadefromcream

charliesangel04, Dec 4, 3:28am
im just asking what the process is to go from fresh milk to butter! just because i live on a dairy farm doesnt instantly give me knowledge of everything dairy

pcjo, Dec 4, 3:32am
you need the cream not the milk. This is a fun thing we used to do with the kids. I am not sure how to make "a lot" of butter in one go though (you would need a pint mixer).
You need a glass, a marble, or pebble, or similar, and salt. Half fill jar with cream. Put the marble in, close lid tightly then shake, and shake, and shake.You will hear the marble stop rattling, You keep shaking until the marble rattles again.Whole process can take 5-10 minutes depending on how vigorously you shake. (its a fun family activity!)
Open the jar, pour the whey off, and you have butter.

charliesangel04, Dec 4, 3:33am
thankyou pcjo,much apprecited! :)

lythande1, Dec 4, 3:35am
Making your own butter is only economical if you cab get free or cheap cream.
And it doesn't come from milk. far out, a dairy farmer not knowing that.

charliesangel04, Dec 4, 3:46am
I am not a dairy farmer!

eejay2, Dec 4, 3:51am
Hi, if you google "How to make butter", there are easy ways to make it on "Youtube" and other sites eg putting the cream & salt into a Food Processor, turing on high for 3-4 minutes, drain off the 'Butter Milk" and thers your butter, enjoy.

cgvl, Dec 4, 3:57am
don't waste the whey/buttermilk that you drain off. Keep it to replace some or all the milk in scones and other baking. It will keep in fridge.
You also need to wash the butter several times as this helps to remove any left whey and stops the butter from going off.
Either google or have a look in your library.
To get the cream from your milk you need to let it sit for a few hours until the cream rises to the top. Then skim it off. Seperate the two, it also pays to have the cream a day or two old before making butter as it beats better.

harrislucinda, Dec 4, 4:32am
no1saidyouwereadairyfarmerwetheryou areornoteven achildknowsbuttercomesfromcream

ibcreative, Dec 4, 4:39am
She didn't say she was a dairy farmer. She said she lived on a dairy farm.

elliehen, Dec 4, 4:40am
What's brought a few meanies out it the weather!.or the wether, or the whether.

There is no such thing as a silly question if the answer is important to the person asking it.

lodgelocum, Dec 4, 4:44am
I completely agree elliehen, I would love to make more comments on this site, which by the way, I love, but sometimes people can be so dam mean on here.Charlieangel just asked a simple question, STOP BEEN SO HORRIBLE, its not necessary.Sometimes the most simpliest of question, might seem dumb to others, but to the person asking, it means heaps.Are you all so perfect yourself!

lizab, Dec 4, 4:46am
I've made butter from our fresh milk before, but it goes rancid very quickly, so I don't bother anymore. We set the fresh milk in a 4 litre bucket in the fridge for 24 hours and skim off the cream from the top. I just used to put in the food processor until it forms a ball. Have the cold tap running and hold your ball of butter under the tap, squeezing and reforming into a ball for a few minutes and that's it. You do have to use it very quickly though. I prefer to use the cream for when I make muffins now (instead of using butter) Good luck :)

wildflower, Dec 4, 4:51am
Great description, very clear, thanks for posting and being helpful unlike some!

wildflower, Dec 4, 4:57am
To those who posted useful messages, big thanks, I learnt a lot too:)

fifie, Dec 4, 5:03am
Thats a bit rough, see your a farmer well you will know the go with vat milk, OP said she LIVED on a dairy farm maybe she came from a city and has never seen raw milk before or understands you use the cream for butter, give her a chance she only asked how tomake it, everyone has to start somewhere.

uli, Dec 4, 5:27am
charliesangel04 - the most important part is the washing of the butter, otherwise it will go off very quickly. And you will go off it very quickly too.

For that washing procedure you really do need "butter hands" (in England called scotch hands) which are small wooden paddles with grooves going lengthwise to let the water flow out. You basically knead the butter with the help of those paddles under fresh running (very cold if possible) water until no more buttermilk comes out. This is the most important and time consuming and muscle inducing part of the whole exercise.

Have a look here for a picture if you want to make them:

very_hotpants, Dec 4, 5:53am
My son made butter in school - put cream in a plastic jar with a couple of clean marbles put lid on and shake vigourously. Eventually you have butter.

52many, Dec 4, 6:51am
Well I just chucked a bottle of cream into my Kenwood with the whisk attachment and beat until creamed then just before the whey came out, covered the Kenwood with a tea towel and held it down. You can "hear: the difference.if that makes sense.took about 6-7 minutes all up. We had butter and kept in fridge for about the 2 weeks it lasted. I did add a good pinch of salt as well. I certainly did not rinse it our with cold water etc.

babytears, Dec 4, 6:53am
YES. is was insinuated she was a dairy farmer

cookessentials, Dec 4, 6:54am
I do mine in the food processor too and its quick and easy. Drain of the buttermilk ( you can use this in recipes) you must rinse well using butter hands until the water runs well clear.

babytears, Dec 4, 6:57am
What is/are 'butter hands" !

cgvl, Dec 4, 7:47am
butterhands also called butter paddles. They are shaped like hands, hard to explain, sort of oblong and one side is plain the other grooved and usually a handle at one end.
You can just squeeze the butter under running water but it is very messy.

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