Herb and garlic butter

rattiefan, Aug 1, 12:56am
what herb/s would be good to put in to this..

i want to make one up that can go with anything like into mashed spuds, being tossed thru the likes of peas, that sort of thing...

davidt4, Aug 1, 1:06am
Parsley is always a good addition and it goes with everything.Tarragon and chervil are both wonderful but you'll have to wait until spring.Chives are another option.

rattiefan, Aug 1, 1:13am
yeah was thinking parsley and chives..thing ill stick with those 2..

tipsy_bl0nde, Aug 2, 5:39am
red and green capsicum, garlic, butter and parsley is a yummy stir through herb butter. well thats what i use :)

rainrain1, Aug 2, 5:44am
garlic and parsley butter is lovely, add it to your boiled carrots too yum

winnie231, Aug 2, 6:14am
I like garlic, parsley, chives & either oregano or thyme as a general herb butter. Rosemary is a nice addition if you're adding it to potatoes or peas to eat with lamb.
But you can simply make up different ones, including different herbs & spices, ... roll into a thin 'sausage' shape in gladwrap, label & freeze them ... then slice off a piece as needed :)

fisher, Aug 4, 6:20am

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