Yogurt icing recipe wanted, not soft butter icing

cookiebarrel, Jul 10, 7:25am
but one that will go hard, almost like a royal icing.Have seen it on store bought biscuits and muesli bars and would like to cover biscuits with it.Have googled yogurt icing but so far they are all buttercream type icing.Any help will be most appreciated.

babytears, Jul 10, 7:38am
I always thought it was white chocolate- it tastes like it - eventhough it is called yoghurt

cookiebarrel, Jul 10, 8:27am
Thought that myself, but on looking up the ingredients they do have yogurt powder in the icing.I had wondered about using the yogurt powder you make up into yogurt and mixing it with something to make the icing, but not sure what tomix it with so it sets.An actual recipe would make that so much easier.

babytears, Jul 10, 9:34am
Surely someone here will enlighten us... keep this bumped :)

sclaredy_cat, Jul 10, 10:37pm

cookiebarrel, Jul 12, 4:53am
Thanks ever so much for that sclaredy_cat. There were two recipes that I clicked on and they seem exactly what I am after, so I will be having fun trying them both out and seeing which one works best for me.Tomorrow is officially baking day, but that has never stopped me baking before then in the past, so looks like an exciting evening of experimenting for me.Looking forward to it.

ashanti, Jul 13, 5:01am
I wonder if you could leave out the cream cheese? Must try that, thanks for posting.

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