You know you're on a low carb diet when...

devon131, Mar 28, 6:03am
1- You constantly have to remind yourself of eating food
2- you wake up and make breakfast then realize you're too "full" to eat
3- people ask you how you made your progress, then ignore you when you tell them
4- people give you weird looks when you throw the bun at McD's or BK
5- you eat more fat than the fattest person you know
6- you have so much energy that you'd workout 5 times a day if you could.
7- you can lose fat without losing muscle, and gain muscle without gaining fat.
8- you laugh at "reduced fat" products
9- you drink heavy cream like a juice and think it tastes like "milk"
10- you've lost at least 3-4% BF in no more than 3 month of ketoing
11- You Pee Yellow neon radioactive urine
12- You know how to cook over 12 dishes that include pork rinds.
13- Your cheese bill is close to your gas bill.
14- Your meat bill matches your house payment... :\
15- You've discovered numerous alternatives to baking with flour.
16- You're the only one who brings steak to work for lunch.
17- You're the only one at lunch who is eating three types of meats.
18- You're the only one who would laugh at these comments...
19- You're feeling very odd while eating because noone else has ever even heard of "keto-diet". .
20- People ask you "are you a picky eater or intolerent? ? " when you say your don't want pasta or rice. .
21- You crave chicken and eggs while your girlfriends want pizza. .
22- You get a "hangover" from eating sugar/high GI foods, , , (I do this! )
23- You wake up nice an quiet. . after a few seconds thinking. . "what's that smell? " Funky!
24- you constantly are wondering if you are in ketosis or not...
25- when you constantly checking clicking the refresh button on the Keto forums and your keto logs
26- People tell you that your diet is not healthy as you slob ranch on your salad
27- you get excited when your pee or self stinks
28- You cant wait to test for Keto
29- you know the exact carb content of at least 150 food sources
30- when you wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you ate a bag of cotton balls only to chug water and feel the same way within a few hours.

kirinesha, Mar 28, 6:16am
Priceless - and so much of it is true.

bedazzledjewels, Mar 28, 6:18am
Have we met Devon? Sounds like you know me well!

kirinesha, Mar 28, 6:30am
Actually, I've never done the keto thing so that doesn't ring bells but no. 14 rings loud and true!

robbie42, Mar 28, 7:11am
so darn true, I have been back on carbs for the last half of this week after a slip up and feel lousy, fat tired and depressed. Back on the wagon tomorrow. Getting started is hard but then is just bliss after a couple of days.

devon131, Dec 12, 11:55am
Being on a low carb diet I spend half my time trying to explain to people that meat and fat are not the enemy and the other half trying to prove I'm not insane because I don't eat bread or spuds! :-)