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kizzier, May 11, 3:25am
Any help much appreciated! Have come up positive for coeliacs and am struggling a wee bit! I am also a vegetarian. Any recipes, tips, advice, pointers on exactly what to look out for on packaging etc... . . would be MUCH appreciated!

buzzy110, May 11, 3:31am asp
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This is the definitive thread on gluten intolerance.

cookessentials, May 11, 3:33am
Hi Kizzier
Do you have any gluten free cookbooks? The Australian Women's Weekly do a great gluten free cookbook. It may also pay to join one of the gcoeliac groups online for added support and ideas. If you are looking for gluten free products, Huckleberry Farms in Manukau Rd Auckland are one of the great places to go and they are online too!

cookessentials, May 11, 3:35am
Here are a few links to help you.

buzzy110, May 11, 3:35am
For other information there are many threads in here. Suggest you do an Anytime Search using the keyword 'gluten'.

To the left of this thread you will see a box headed:

Message board

In the keyword or member box type in gluten or gluten free or coeliac or whatever word you want

In the Date Posted box click the drop down arrow and click Anytime.

Everything that there is to know on here can be found in all the threads that come up. Some of it you will like and others will just be bewildering. Just take what you need to know and leave the rest.

cookessentials, May 11, 3:37am
I see you are in Auckland so the next gluten/allergy show is on at the ASB Showgrounds 29 - 30 May

cookessentials, May 11, 3:39am

cookessentials, May 11, 3:40am
This wheatless meatless site may be helpful for you too.

cookessentials, May 11, 3:44am
There is a tasty looking gluten free vegetarian lasagne on this link - was going to copy and paste for you but it is very long!

kizzier, May 11, 3:59am
Oh wow... . . whatagreat response! I'm going to have a read of all the suggested sites once my kids are in bed later - thank you all so much! No, I have no gluten free recipe books lol, I have been meaning to go to the library, just haven't had a chance!

cookessentials, May 11, 4:11am
You are most welcome. it is always hard when you first start off and are trying to build a knowledge base. I have a number of customers who are gluten free and have enjoyed the AWW Gluten Free book. This is the one to look for au/books/Default. aspx? Page=Book&a

buzzy110, May 11, 5:45am
Kizzer I think you will find that Herika is a veritable mine of information when it comes to gluten free products available in NZ. She spends a lot of time researching everything and understands so much.

I don't think that anyone could help you more than Herika with some of your questions.

ruby19, May 11, 6:17am
1 tbsp o/oil
1 large onion chopped
2 large cloves garlic crushed
2 large carrots chopped (keep chunky)
1 large courgette chopped (keep chunky)
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp coriander
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp cinammon
200ml red wine
150ml water
2 tsp vegata vegetable stock powder ( gluten free)
1 tsp sugar
400g tinned chopped tomatoes

Fry the onion in a pot until golden, then add the garlic, carrots, courgette. Add the spices and stir over heat 30 seconds, add wine, water, tinned toms, puy lentils and stock powder, then simmer until lentils are softened and sauce has slightly thickened. Approx 20- 25 min

950g app mixture of potato & kumara
1 small onion
1 clove garlic

Add butter, milk & season as liked, to make up mash

Grated cheese to top.

This should be cooked in an oven about 180 oCfor about 20 min until golden. Leave sit for 5 min before serving.

kizzier, May 11, 6:30am
I've tried to read that thread but can't seem to find what i am looking for. If my doctor stated to go on a "strict gluten-free diet", would you avoid products which state "may contain traces of gluten/nuts etc" ? ?

I realise I need to look for the obvious on packaging - gluten (lol), wheat etc... . what else do I look for? ? ?

cookessentials, May 11, 7:40am
Yes, I would follow your doctors advice and get in contact with the coeliacs society. Some of the "health" threads on Trademe tend to be volumes and volumes of copy and pastes from certain posters who usually have very little experience of this condition, although they seem to feel as if they do have the qualifications to advise - this can be confusing and dangerous ( Herika certainly has personal experience though)I shall try and find you the link to the coeliac society of NZ so that you can be given good information. The above links should be helpful to get you going.

cookessentials, May 11, 7:41am
Here it is for you of that site gives you the link for the manufactured food diary- it gives you a list of all the manufactured foods and what you are able to have

buzzy110, May 11, 8:06am
No kizzer. I do not in any way feel qualified to advise on gluten intolerance. However, herika has been living with this problem for probably 20 years and her advice is valuable.

I refuse to continue this argument with cooks. If you want to follow her advice that's good. If you can't understand herika's thread then you'll have to do all of your own research. Cooks is obviously very qualified in this area as she has people who buy pots and suchlike off her which makes her an expert in all thing coeliac.

Your doctor should perhaps have sent you to someone who can be of more help. Go back and ask for help.

I'll bump her thread just to make sure you are looking at the right one.

cookessentials, May 11, 8:20am
I see you say that you have been diagnosed as coeliac ass opposed to gluten intolerant. You could always start a thread asking for Herika. . that way she may see it nd give you a hand. It is amazing how much is available now in the range of gluten free products. I remember seeing so much more variety when we were in Australia, but it is great to see that New Zealand is getting far more choice now. Did your doctor give you any information on the condition? I am sure you will find the coeliac society will be most helpful... I know they have been very helpful to a number of my friends who suffer with this and restaurants quite often have a number of items on their menus that are suitable. I noted the vegetarian site had some very tasty soudning dishes that were gluten free too.

redfire5, May 12, 4:02am
kizzier my daughter was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago and it has been a nightmare, there is lots of information good and bad, has your GP referred you to a dietitian, ours helped out ALOT and put alot of the myths to sleep for us, good luck

buzzy110, May 13, 1:34am
I think it would be a great help to people like me, who need to know about gluten intolerance, if you could let us know some of the advice your dietitian gave you, especially about the myths. That way, we can clear up a lot of disagreements that occur on these boards.

I for one, only know what my friend has told me and what I have read in herika's thread.

buzzy110, May 13, 2:26am
Oh and I also know everything that is written in the Going Against The Grain Book, plus sundry reading on the net and in other nutrition books.

Apparently all those books written by doctors and dietitians and all those research articles I have read, whilst being a huge help in improving my understanding of the etiology of the disease, have apparently left me ignorant in the 'coping with gluten' techniques.

My friend, who stays often with me, is gluten intolerant and I am always worried I will get it wrong.

frances1266, May 13, 3:43am
There is a great thread here called 'Melford are you around' which has lots of advice and really good recipes.

frances1266, May 13, 3:45am
Kizzier: missed where you said you were vegetarian. There is an excellent site called 'glutenfreegoddess' where many of the recipes are vegetarian/veganAlso another excellent site through Yahoo called Vegan-and-gluten free if you are interested. Thousands of great recipes there.

nfh1, May 13, 4:59am
kizzier - you have my sympathy. I had never come into contact with coeliacs disease until I one of my friends was diagnosed with it. I used to be really scared when she came for dinner in case I made her ill. I always cook from scratch and check everything I use but I have made silly mistakes, like thickening using flour! ! ! Just habit I suppose, but I have learnt a lot from The Coeliac Society site. Good Luck.

buzzy110, May 13, 5:44am
Same here. I worry incessantly about making her ill. I ask her what she can't eat and she told me that even the tiniest bit of gluten sets her off so I always make sure that the only grains she gets are those she supplies herself and that everything I cook is fresh with no pre-made foods of any description, except Ma Braggs apple cider vinegar and cold pressed olive oils plus, of course, grinding salt and whole peppercorns.

I wonder if she was just feeding me a myth, and that she could probably take small amounts of gluten. Still, I'm not prepared to experiment with her.

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