High Tea

viv130, Nov 28, 2:07am
I am hosting a High Tea(with champagne) and a lot of the guests are bringing sweet, any suggestions on savoury items. Thanks

sarahb5, Nov 28, 2:20am
Club sandwiches, asparagus rolls although traditionally high tea was a bit more substantial:

"Traditionally, high tea was a working class meal served on a high table at the end of the workday, shortly after five PM. It was a heavy meal of meat dishes (such as steak and kidney pie), fish dishes (such as pickled salmon), baked goods (such as crumpets or, in Ireland, barm brack), vegetables (such as potatoes or onion cakes), and other heavy foods (such as baked beans and cheesy casseroles).

High tea was more of a working class family meal than an elite social gathering."

Afternoon tea was something much fancier:


davidt4, Nov 28, 2:30am
That's an interesting link sarahb5.So the event that the original poster is hosting is most likely to be a "Champagne Afternoon Tea".Let's hope that none of the guests bring "High Tea" food like steak and kidney pie and baked beans!

sarahb5, Nov 28, 2:36am
My favourite recipe book has a whole section on high tea - I tend to think of it as things like kedgeree, kippers, devilled kidneys, etc. although those things were also served for breakfast in the bigger houses or what my mum used to serve my brother and I for "tea" before we started eating with the grown ups so it was beans or spaghetti on toast, soup and bread, etc.But yes I think it's safe to assume OP means afternoon tea rather than traditional high tea.

I wonder though if this is how you judge whether someone is working class so has tea at 5 o'clock or middle/upper class and has dinner after 7!

davidt4, Nov 28, 3:06am
I think that's a reasonable rule of thumb.I wonder if there is an urban/rural difference, with farmers having to get up early for milking and their whole day therefore running a few hours ahead of city workers.

viv130, Nov 28, 3:10am
funny davidt4, yes it will be champagne and petite foods, will put the china cups in just for the look. Thanks for the link sarahb5

sarahb5, Nov 28, 3:19am
Yes I expect that would be true before daylight savings fiddled around with time, etc

retired, Nov 28, 3:27am
In Scotland High Tea is a huge meal. I was really surprised thought it would be cakes and sandwiches!

shop-a-holic, Nov 28, 4:07am
Hi Viv!
what you are officially having is a Low Tea.
I know.restaurants get it wrong all the time :-)

rainrain1, Nov 28, 4:22am
and it all sounds very unkiwi

motorbo, Nov 28, 5:39am
whatever you call it it sounds like a fun afternoon - enjoy!

duckmoon, Nov 28, 5:45am
I think that the sizing should be one bite. Two at most. So TINY

Apasagus rolsls
Club sandwiches . Cucumber of course,
Cream cheese and crystallized ginger
Ham and cheese

Mini bacon and egg pie

duckmoon, Nov 28, 5:47am
I think that the language has changed
High tea used to be a working class meal. But now peoplethink aft noon at the Savoy Hotel

duckmoon, Nov 28, 5:51am

iman007, Nov 28, 6:41am
its tiny cakes and sammy fingers where i go, not a pie to be seen!

viv130, Nov 28, 4:58pm
Low or High, it will be fun sitting under the plum tree by the creek drinking champers and eating bite size goodies. Thanks all!

sarahb5, Nov 28, 9:01pm
Very true - I suppose if the idea is just bite size morsels you could even have sushi.Blini or mini pikelets with cream cheese, smoked salmon and horseradish would be good too, or good old vol au vents with a seafood or mushroom filling.

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