Caramel recipes please

noo444, Nov 27, 7:49pm
i love caramel i want any recipes people have to satisfy the craving

kassie48, Nov 27, 11:43pm
Chocolate Caramel Muffins
1&3/4c flour,
1tsp baking soda,
1c sugar,
1/4c cocoa.
Melt 100gr butter. Remove from heat & whisk in 1 egg, 1c milk & 1tsp vanilla essence. Add to dry ingredients & mix gently. Spoon 1/2 mixture into muffin tray. Add a good heaped spoon of Caramel Condensed Milk & cover with remaining mixture. (don't worry if there's not enough as mixture comes up & over). 220 - 15 mins approx

Quotejessie981 (44 )11:01 am, Mon 28 Feb #3
go into the lefthand message box & put Caramel. Under date posted put last year. recipes there. Happy eating

ruby2shoes, Nov 27, 11:54pm
check out the tins of sweetened condensed milk, the caramel one.

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