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sarahb5, Nov 17, 4:46am
I usually use Bournville but have noticed how "weak" and non-chocolatey it's got just lately - does anyone use the Sun Valley one they sell in Countdown!I'm not able to get anywhere else at the moment to hunt around for Dutch cocoa.

fugazi71, Nov 17, 4:59am
Sun Valley is ok but I've bought Pams before and it's lovely and dark. Don't know what they did to Bournville but it's rubbish now.

davidt4, Nov 17, 5:04am
Do you have a Trade Aid shop handy!Their fair trade cocoa is very good.

sarahb5, Nov 17, 5:05am
OK - will try and get to New World instead - the Bournville one is awful now, even my chocolate icing doesn't look/taste like chocolate!

sarahb5, Nov 17, 5:12am
Yeah we do but I can't get into town to go there until next weekend

kinna54, Nov 17, 5:34am
Bournville is crap. I now buy signature range, or even woolworths/countdown home brand. the colour and flavour difference is remarkable. and it's cheaper. Pam's is ok, but the other 2 are better.
I complained online to the suppliers re bournville, even attached a TM link to show them how many people were dissatisfied, but never even got a reply.
If you don't want to waste what you have bought you could mix it say 1 part to 3 parts of the good cocoa, I did that until it was used up.

lenart, Nov 17, 5:39am
I also switched to Signature range after suggestions on this message board. And when they didn't have it in stock I bought Home Brand cocoa from Countdown (also mentioned favourably here). Gosh, what a great product! Made in Germany, the colour and taste are amazing, really chocolatey. Went back and bought more.

sarahb5, Nov 17, 5:40am
I was in Countdown tonight and unbelievably they didn't have any Signature range or Homebrand Cocoa - lots of Bournville though!

bedazzledjewels, Nov 17, 6:22am
Plus 1 for Home Brand too. For some reason Countdown shelve the Home Brand in with the hot cocoa drinks rather than baking section.

sarahb5, Nov 17, 8:57am
Yeah I looked in both places - and none in either

sleyle, Nov 17, 5:57pm
I buy the Dutch cocoa found in the European section of Pak n Save.Try there Sarah, it's the darkest and best, it is dearer but you get what you pay for.

willyow, Nov 17, 8:09pm
Aheemm!You can buy top quality Dutch Cocoa on Trademe. Dark Brown - 21% fat and fabulous

chatsmom, Nov 17, 8:18pm
I'd recommend the Pam's brand cocoa. I switched to it after Cadburys made theirs weak and horrible (rather like their chocolate).

charlieb2, Nov 17, 8:29pm
Yep I buy Pams.Gran who is a great baker was baking with the kids here one day and commented on how great our cocoa was and wanted to know brand.She's converted now too, lol

wildflower, Nov 18, 2:15am
I had Cadbury, plain brown colour and bought Homebrand and it's the nicest, richest brown, red colour.Ingred's is 100% cocoa.I've only used once so far in cupcakes and was half in half with the last of the Cadbury's but they tasted great.

kiwigoldie, Nov 18, 3:02am
I use these ones and also make sure I always have a spare in the pantry just in case they run low on stock as above.

supercook, Nov 18, 3:21am
Pam's cocoa here.

malcovy, Nov 18, 3:27am
Homebrand cocoa is by the drinking chocolate at Countdown, it really is a great cocoa.
Just reread a post and you have already looked there.

earls5, Nov 18, 3:39am
pleased to know, it wasnt just me with the cocoa. bought several pkts, thought it might just have been one batch or something, not the same at all,terrible for our choccy cakes, have always thought bournville was the best but not now

sarahb5, Nov 18, 4:41am
OK - quick dash to the supermarket and I have Pams - just in time for Mr nearly 17's birthday cake next week.I think I might actually write to Bournville and ask them what the heck they've done with their cocoa - will let you know if I get any response.

uli, Nov 21, 6:12am
Now a year later - when we have a shortage of cocoa - how are you all faring!

sylvia, Nov 21, 8:05am
Pams is the best I have found.

kiwigoldie, Nov 21, 8:11am
totally agree wiht this poster.the countdown homebrand box.was a definate signature range cocoa buyer until they were out of stock and now WOW!

nauru, Nov 21, 8:37am
Yes, me too, always Signature range cocoa until I tried Homebrand, best cocoa I've ever had.I always used Rowntrees brand in the UK.

carlosjackal, Nov 21, 9:15am
I use NESTLE baking cocoa and have never had any problems with it.

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