Cooking cocoa powder vs Drinking chocolate powder

moparpete, Sep 18, 1:10am
If you are short of the cooking cocoa powder in a recipe can u use drinking chocolate powder instead.Will therebe quite a difference in taste.

sarahb5, Sep 18, 1:14am
No - drinking chocolate powder is too sweet and not chocolatey enough.At a pinch you could use it for icing but it doesn't work for baking

juliewn, Sep 18, 10:48am
Hi.. I've used it.. a slightly less chocolatey taste.. and you could reduce the sugar a little as the drinking chocolate is sweetened.. milo or bournvita can be used as well.

245sam, Sep 18, 11:16am
Hi Julie, how are you? I hope you're not feeling the effects of the current rough weather that's affecting both the deep south of our island and many parts of the North Island - here in Christchurch it's been a nice sunny day and relatively still compared to much of the last fortnight.

Re the use of drinking chocolate in baking - have you used it recently in baking as a substitute for cocoa?I am curious about this as we have noticed a marked difference in recent purchases of drinking chocolate - it seems to be less chocolatey and to have an increased milk powder content (presuming that that is what the increasing number of small white 'lumps' are) - it definitely isn't the good old Cadbury's drinking chocolate!:-))

juliewn, Apr 1, 2:17am
Hi Shirley :-).. I'm thinking of you there.. incredible how the after shocks are continuing at such a large amount and scale..

All ok here thanks.. nice to have sunny days and I'm glad you're getting them there.. so much more than enough happening with the quakes..

It is a while since I bought drinking chocolate - from your post I'm guessing it's another Cadbury product that's been changed, and not for the better.. I didn't realise Bournvita isn't available now.. milo family here! - gosh, wouldn't it be good if manufacturers left things working well and tasting well like they always have.. and not these 'new, improved!!!???' recipes..

Take good care Shirley.. x