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tremooth, Jan 10, 1:42am
Can you please tell me in regards to Cocoa powder if there are varying strengths of these as I am making a chocolate cake tomorrow and want to know if Cocoa powder differs in strength like cocoa in a chocolate bar does - (may be a silly question but I have asked it :))Thanks in advance

morticia, Jan 10, 1:44am
Funny, you should ask that. I bought a packet of Cadbury's Cocoa to make a chocolate cake at NY and despite using the proper amount, the colour was really pale and the cake wasn't very chocolatey tasting, either. It's a recipe I've made in bulk for years and this is the first time it's been like this.

cookessentials, Jan 10, 1:48am
Yes it does. if you want a good, strong "choclatey" taste, you can use either Blookers cocoa from Holland or Valrhona cocoa, both have a lovely rich flavour.

shop-a-holic, Jan 10, 1:50am
There is indeed a difference between maker and the process of extracting cocoa too.
I use dutch process cocoa which is the darkest.

More info here :

245sam, Jan 10, 1:51am
tremooth and morticia, IMO Cadbury's cocoa sure aint what it used to be and for that reason I have tried other supermarket options and found that the best supermarket cocoa (again IMO) is Homebrand cocoa, readily available at most/all Countdowns but sometimes in amongst the baking items and also found sometimes where the coffee, tea and drinking chocolate can be found.The cocoa is German and has a good colour and flavour - to date it has not disappointed in the same way that other supermarket cocoas have done.:-))

tremooth, Jan 10, 1:53am
Yay thank you I am glad I asked then :) I appreciate this as Like Mortica says a pale choc cake isnt that appealing if it hasnt got that choc taste - is there a % of Cocoa that it should be like You know how Dark chocolate bars have a % on them!Being brave again asking another silly question:)))

shop-a-holic, Jan 10, 1:55am
Not a silly ! at all :-)

tremooth, Jan 10, 2:07am
Thank you that article was helpful ;)

kinna54, Jan 10, 2:42am
Def Homebrand cocoa! Lot of old threads re this, homebrand tried and ture!

sarahb5, Jan 10, 2:43am
Apparently Homebrand and Pams are the best supermarket cocoa powders if you can't get the Dutch version

pickles7, Jan 10, 3:22am
Cocoa is changing with each pkt you buy. Cocoa has a non caking agent added, the amount of non caking agent is increasing as cocoa is becoming less available. We are using more cocoa now, than can be produced . That only means one thing.

245sam, Jan 10, 3:26am
I haven't actually tried Pam's cocoa myself but just a few days ago our daughter told me that she had some supermarket cocoa in "a tub kind of thing" - she couldn't remember the brand or which supermarket it was from - and it tasted so un-cocoa like that she threw it out.Does any cocoa, other than Pam's come in a "tub kind of thing"! because Pam's is the only one that I know of that does and DD's comments were definitely not positive over whichever brand it was.:-))

bunny51, Jan 10, 3:29am
Nestles(I think) came in a red tin, I used it a couple of times but. and didn't bournville come in a tin/tub thing! (Never used that one, I keep thinking of it as a drink)

bunny51, Jan 10, 3:29am
Nestles(I think) came in a red tin, I used it a couple of times but. and didn't bournville come in a tin/tub thing! (Never used that one, I keep thinking of it as a drink)

I am another one who uses homebrand cocoa. At the supermarket I go to it is with the drinking chocolates/cocoas etc

pickles7, Jan 10, 3:30am
Yes what a joke. Our supermarket has that and is not stocking much else. Very pricey as well, compared with what we used to buy.
Probably a high profit line. I have found that to be the case in one particular Supermarket.
I left it and will pick some up else where

sarahb5, Jan 10, 6:47am
I bought Pams on recommendations in an earlier cocoa thread - haven't used it yet but Homebrand was sold out in all of our Countdowns when I needed cocoa

kinna54, Jan 10, 8:23am
Signature range is ok as well, I bought some inlong tube container (like a pringles tube) it was lovely, but hadn't seen it in a while and thats why I bought home brand last time. Still good. Made granddies bdaycake with it, the other day, it was lovely and rich.

marcs, Jan 10, 11:42am
I buy homebrand cocoa powder or if you get Pams brand still then that is a good one too. I do not like cadbury's or nestle. It does not have any flavour or colour. Dutch processed cocoa powder is more alkaline so if a recipe has baking soda in it then use regular cocoa powder as this is acidic. Hope that made sense.

korbo, Jan 10, 6:30pm
Yes, I opened a new packet of Cadbrys and seemed to have to use twice as much to get my cake looking and tasting like chocolate.
will try the other brands when this runs out, which wont be long, by having to use twice as much.

clemo, Jan 11, 6:07am
Definitely Homebrand for me too. Have tried Signature Range too and that was fine. Won't buy Nestle or Cadbury now.

ggmd, Jan 16, 12:06pm
Valrhona or Droste. If you have Cadburys throw it away, just tastes like brown dust, its no wonder there confectionary products are so bland.

bella95, Jan 16, 8:47pm
Cadbury's is NOT what it was, has no flavour or colour anymore. Pam's has a great colour but haven't noticed a lack of flavour. Will have to bake something just for a taste test of course. lol.

jen69, Jan 16, 8:55pm
Ihave been buyingthe fair trade organic BakingCocoa thats available from Trade Aid shop (and also online).It helps supportcocoa farmers, their families and communitiesin places such as the Dominican Republic, Bolivia and Ghana. It has no anticaking agent and is also nice and dark and has a great chocolatey taste!There is info on the product at and also the trade aid website. Cheers

davidt4, Jan 16, 9:07pm
I like Trade Aid cocoa too.

bella95, Jan 16, 11:15pm
Oh didn't know about this. If it's as good as their chocolate it'll be fantastic! Trade aid shop near me too. Yum.
Hhmmm. Where's the 'pig licking it's lips' symbol when you need it!

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