Cocoa question?

rusty-bones, Jan 11, 8:49pm
It doesn't seem to be very dark anymore when I bake. I buy cadburys. Is there a darker and tastier one around? I am sure it never use to be like this. My chocolate cakes looks albino.

245sam, Jan 11, 8:53pm
rusty-bones, try Homebrand - it's not necessarily the best cocoa that one can buy but IMO of the readily available, at the supermarket, cocoas it is the best with good flavour and good dark colour.

Hope that helps. :-))

andree3, Jan 11, 9:05pm
i use homebrand and very happy with it :-)

dibble35, Jan 12, 12:37am
+1 best of the standard supermarket ones anyway, Jan 12, 12:41am
I like Homebrand one too, darker than Pam's brand although last time I ran out there was none to be had in Countdown so bought Sun Valley which is fine.

lilyfield, Jan 12, 2:49am
homebrand has been recommended dozens of times here.
Its the only one most bakers buy now

nauru, Jan 12, 7:29am
Homebrand here too, makes a great dark chocolate cake.

wheelz, Jan 12, 8:34am
Or Sun Valley. Both are way better than what Cadbury make.

rusty-bones, Jan 12, 6:21pm
Thanks everyone. :-)

fee1965, Jan 12, 6:31pm
Sun Valley - I own a cafe and this is what we use, nice rich flavour and good dark colour - cheap too!

korbo, Jan 12, 6:37pm
homebrand for me all the time.

summersunnz, Jan 13, 12:00am
After seeing glowing comments about Homebrand in the threads here, we only buy that now too. dark and rich, delicious :-)

willyow, Jan 13, 3:00am
Buy it on Trademe - the Premium Dutch Cocoa (like chocolate) is available.

cutezie, Jan 14, 3:46am
Dutch Cocoa is the only one I buy .Can get it off TM

cutezie, Jan 14, 3:46am
snap willyow

maynard9, Jan 15, 8:03am
I recently used the one from the local Trade Aid store and was very impressed.

gilligee, Jan 15, 8:24am
Dutch Blooker from Moore Wilsons or Pams from New World.

raebee, Jan 16, 7:28am
years ago i used to buy cadbury for the name, but homebrand all the way here now (or avalanche do a really nice dark one but can't remember price comparison)

awoftam, Jan 16, 8:36am
Avalanche. Delicious. Its not cheap however is 100% dark cocoa; some I believe have other stuff in them to pad them out. Dutch is great too.

angie117, Jan 17, 7:47am
I use Avalanche, nice and dark.

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