Questions on making home made tomato sauce

camelot9, Mar 27, 6:34am
Where can I find pickling spice? or, what's an alternative to it?

Must the sauce be poured into bottles while the sauce is hot, or can I let it cool first?

Also, can plastic bottles be used? I get the impression that glass bottles must be used?

Many thanks. (My first time making tom sauce, obviously! )

camelot9, Mar 27, 6:40am
Oh, and also, the recipe I'm using doesn't use vinegar. I note some other recipes use vinegar. Is it normal not to use vinegar? thanks

margyr, Mar 27, 6:57am
pickling spice should be in supermarket with the other spices, glass bottles are best as you can sterilise them in the oven, and while hot you can put your sauce in hot. Plastic bottles if you choose to use them the sauce would have to be cool or the bottle will melt. Not heard of one that does not have vinegar, but if you have one that doesn't well just follow its instructions, good luck and enjoy your sauce making.

camelot9, Mar 27, 7:05am
Thanks - have just nipped out to the shop and found some pickling spices (I couldn't find any in another shop).

Yes, I'm aware hot sauces should not go into plastic bottles, just thought if there was a reason to serve into glass whilst hot.

Thanks! Will soon find out how I go!

senj, Mar 27, 10:31pm
My suggestion is to bottle into jam jars then you can pour into a plasticsqueezey bottle for serving at the table.
Also remember to keep in fridge when in plastic bottle or it will ferment

fogs, Mar 27, 11:22pm
Just made my first batch of tomato sauce last weekend. It is awesome so much more flavour then the bought stuff

speedy34, Apr 4, 8:55am
Hi I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to post a receipe for tomato sauce? Thank you

anndi7, Apr 4, 9:24am
5kg tomatoes, 750ml vinegar, 50g PLAIN salt, 1. 5kg BROWN sugar, 75g Pickling spice, 1/2kg onions. Chops tomatoes & onions and plkace in big pot with vinegar, salt, brown sugar. Put your pickling spice into a muslin bag & tie the end & place that in the pot as well. I cook it for 3hrs (simmer). Then I moolee (sp) it and return it to the boil for a couple of minutes & then pour into sterlised hot jars. I use the jars that you get tomato juice in, like V juice or whatever you have.

anndi7, Apr 4, 9:25am
p. s. take the muslin bag out before you moolee it... . lol... ...

dezzie, Apr 4, 9:28am
theres a heap of tomato recipes here php? f=25&t=416

I've been using one called home made tomato sauce that has apples in it, and added some dried chilli and garlic to it as well.

Enjoy looking.

anndi7, Dec 31, 5:52pm
This is my Mums old favourite... . . you'll need to convert to kgs.
6lb tomatoes, 1 lb onions, 1 1/2oz whole cloves, 3oz plain salt, 1/2lb raisins, 1 1/2lb sugar, 1 lb apples, root ginger (not sure how much just a bit grated I would imagine), 1 1/2pts vinegar. Do the same as above, boil it/ then moolee it/ then pour into jars.

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