Bread wont come out of breadmaker pan

lofty010247, Oct 8, 11:14pm
I would like to start using my bread maker again - it was banished because bread stuck fast & had to be levered out of the pan- anyone know if its possible to get the pan re-coated with whatever makes in non-stick

effcee1, Oct 8, 11:45pm
hi, i have made bread for years and have worked out a fail safe way of stopping the bread sticking, BUT it does take a little bit of mucking around.
When the cycle stops, and just before the last rise, or as my book says the last punch down, i lift the container out of the machine,take out the paddle because it is not required anymore, spray the inside with cooking spray i use Dots but any will do, then line the sides with cooking paper, then i hand knead the bread a little and pop back into the bread maker, and when finished cooking the bread just falls out. I swear that the bread is nicer not sure if this is because of the extra hand kneading or not. Dont touch the controls. I know people will come on here and say they couldnt be bothered with all the mucking around and thats fine.

buzzy110, Oct 9, 1:14am
Sometimes effcee good things take a bit more effort. Good on you for expending a tiny a bit more effort for a superior end product.

joybells2, Oct 9, 3:55am
I just spray with cooking spray before adding in all the ingredients and it comes out fine.

uli, Oct 9, 3:58am
If it doesn't come out - and the pan "used to be" non-stick - then it is time to throw it out.

lilyfield, Oct 9, 4:11am
take the dough out before the baking stage and spray the pan, leave pedal out. Needs careful timing first time, after that just set the alarm clock

schnauzer11, Oct 9, 6:30am
Why use a Bread-maker,if you're going to be getting it out and kneading it anyway!!Just make bread in bread-pans.

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