Really proud made my own sausages

fogs, Oct 8, 3:28am
and they are so nice they taste like butchers sausages used to when I was a child. Have made Pork and Lamb. Worked out the cost is $7.00 per kilo and also we know what is in them. no preservatives or additives.

indy95, Oct 8, 3:45am
I really like the idea of no preservatives or additives, fogs and $7 per kilo is a very reasonable cost. Are you willing to share the recipe please !

fogs, Oct 8, 12:01pm
Sure Pork sausages
1kg pork mince
35 grms breadcrumbs
3 tablespoons dried onions (or 1 large fresh finely chopped)
about 2 tspns salt
rubbed sage,white pepper
Hogsausage cases(optional)
mix together then cook a small amount in a fry pan adjust to personal taste with pepper and sage. When you are happy with taste stuff into cases or roll into sausages and cover with breadcrumbs. leave for 24 hours and then use or freeze.
Lambsame amount of meat and breadcrumbs and salt and pepper but add 2-3 tablespoons italian herbs and 1 tablespoon minced garlic.

nauru, Oct 8, 10:10pm
Thanks for sharing your recipe fogs.Mint would be nice added to the lamb and also grated apple with the pork.I will give your recipe a go.

t.gypsy, Oct 8, 10:51pm
where do you get the casings from!

pickles7, Oct 8, 11:29pm
a pic would be nice. I made salami, once. They turned out very well indeed.

fogs, Oct 9, 1:00am
I am on the shore and I get the casings from butcher jacks in Glenfield. I had read most butchers will sell them you can also buy them on here but they were $2 cheaper locally than on trademe. They were $7.50 and that makes about 5-6kgs. Warning though they really stink until you prepare them, but keep for weeks in the fridge.
The recipes I have used are the base recipe so the ratio of breadcrumbs to meat. After that you add what you want I have recently bought some dried tomato powder so am think a bolognase(sp) type saus with dried onions mushrooms .The possiblity is endless and there is always beef and chicken sausages yet to make. I will post a picture of the pork sausages freshly made.

indy95, Oct 9, 2:24am
Thank you for the recipe, fogs. I will be trying it out soon.

pickles7, Oct 9, 3:23am
good work, they look very nice. the casings don't smell, they stink. If I was to make the salami again I would use the artificial casings, more uniform in shape, no holes, and I just could not forget how bad they stunk.
thanks for the pic. I just may have to try your recipe.

uli, Nov 26, 4:08am
Good article how traditional Spanish hams (jamons) are made over 2 years:!c_id=6&objectid=10768633

. In very simplistic terms, in late autumn and early winter, when the temperatures are cooler and the air dryer, the legs of pork are briefly cured in salt to kill any surface bacteria and to rid the meat of excess blood. They're then hung on hooks and left to do nothing. The next stage involves mother nature as the natural increasing humidity of the encroaching spring and summer causes a certain type of bacteria to flourish on the surface of the hams, causing a mould to appear. This is what is behind the creation of the best jamons as it breaks down the protein in the meat and causes it to ferment. The dryer autumn and winter will kill the bacteria off and hence the meats roll, seasonally, through a huge chemical change. It's a far more complex process than this brief description obviously, but once finished they're never kept in a fridge. Jamons develop over 12-24 months entirely because of this process of humid and warm, cold and dry, and so it's the change in seasons that's we have to thank.