Chocolate Mousse help

t.gypsy, Sep 28, 1:09am
I am contemplating on having a go at making this for the first time. Now i dont have the chocolate but i have chocolate syrup could i still make it. and also i have

and of course the chocolate syrup

could i melt the butter and heat up the chocolate syrup or by pass this step altogether just before i go ahead to make it.

cookessentials, Sep 28, 1:26am
To be honest, you need the chocolate. Chocolate syrup wont do it. Wait till you have some chocolate.preferably a good 70% for a nice rich mousse.

t.gypsy, Sep 28, 1:46am
ahhh thanks i am glad i held off doing it i am hoping to get some dark whittakers chocolate i know they have i think the ghana that is about 70% and thats the one i am wanting.

deus701, Sep 28, 2:18am
the chocolate also helps to set the mousse, if you don't have chocolate, you can use gelatine as a setting agent

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