Chocolate Mousse

jca1, Jun 15, 9:00am
Its got just TWO INGREDIENTS. HOW can I go wrong? ? ? ?
But I did, it turned out "GRAINY". I was very carefull NOT to overbeat it. So what did I do wrong? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

hikoi14, Jun 15, 9:02am
what were the two ingredients? chocolate and cream?

jca1, Jun 15, 11:15am
Yes - heated cream slightly - added chocolate - mixed in untill melted. Waited till cold the whipped. Any ideas? ? ?

turtlet, Jun 15, 12:03pm
I found this that might help

The second part of making mousse involves folding in whipped cream, which should be whipped to soft peaks and kept chilled until ready to use. The key to folding in the whipped cream is to first add a small portion of the whipped cream to the mousse base to lighten it, which makes it easier to combine the heavier base with the lighter whipped cream. Next, gently fold in the remaining cream, but be careful not to over-fold as the mousse can become grainy or completely deflate.

justme27, Jun 16, 3:17am
Oooh, please could we have this recipe? It sounds yummmmy...

alewis, Aug 11, 1:48am
Jo Seagars has a beauty, heat cream until just about boiling break a 200 gm block of dark choc and throw it all in a food processor wait until the clacking noise stops and then put into little cups and set in fridge, - idiot proof... .

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