Great chocolate mousse recipe please

supercook, Sep 20, 3:28am
Hoping that it uses cream?

dragonzflame, Apr 2, 7:03pm

200g dark chocolate, 4 eggs (separated), 300ml cream (whipped), 15g butter (melted), 3tbsp black coffee or water, 1tbsp liqueur (optional).

Melt the chocolate over simmering water. Remove from heat, stir in coffee/water, butter, and the liqueur if using. Separate eggs and add yolks one at a time to the warm chocolate, stirring continuously. Whisk the egg whites until stiff and whip the cream, stir into the chocolate mixture at the same time just until combined (be careful not to knock out all the air!). Pour into small mousse pots, refrigerate until set, lick the bowl.