Chocolate mousse cake

dcbloomfield1, Sep 11, 3:55am
hi, does anyone have a proven recipe for this?

cap, Sep 11, 4:32am
This was the one they did on My Kitchen Rules did read on another forum that some people had problems when they made it so notes have been added to this recipe about the importance of the quality of the ingredients and also using the correct sized pan.It sounds so decadent!Doubt I will ever make it but I'd love to try it.

greerg, Sep 11, 6:14am
This one is great but pretty big - could halve for a 20cm round pan.

400 grms biscuit crumbs, 6 egg yolks, 180 grms butter, 120 grms sugar, 750 mls of cream, 38 grms butter, 2 teasp of gelatine in 60 mls hot water, 620 grms dark chocolate buttons

Make biscuit base using crumbs and melted butter and press into pan then chill.Whisk egg yolks, add sugar and cook at 70 percent power in microwave for three ten second spells, whisking between spells.Whip cream till just before the soft peak stage (i.e to the consistency of thickened cream). Microwave chocolate and butter at 50 percentpower in one minute spells until melted then whisk thoroughly.Whisk the cream through the chocolate, followed by the egg mixture and the gelatine.Chill thoroughly and serve garnished with thicken cream and chocolate curls.

glynsmum, Mar 11, 10:45am
I have been given a reciepe by an american friendfor a chocolate mousse cake want to make it but needs a Angelfood cake tin I can only find one for sale in N.Z. cost $60 I think not Help please