Pickled Onions question

korbo, Mar 24, 5:18am
I have my onions in the brine since 10. 30am this morning,
recipe says leave overnight. just found out something on tomorrow, could i do them tonight. wont get a chance to do them until tomorrow night, if not done tonight.
how many hours do recipes mean by *overnight*. thanks

lythande1, Mar 24, 5:53am
The brine stops them going squishy later.
If you eat them quick enough do it now.
If not, leave it 48 hours, won't hurt.

korbo, Mar 24, 6:55am
thank you. no wont eat them fast, as still have a jar of shop ones to eat first, then have gerkins, then pickled cucumbers, so will leave them until tomorrow...

korbo, Mar 25, 9:08am
made them this arvo, so far so good, only trouble, the old recipe i had of mums said 1. 1/2 bottles of vinegar. NOW had to think hard and work out what size the bottle was. I just assumed it was the 750ml one. anyway, all done, and will wait a month or so to taste.

biker_69, Mar 25, 10:55pm
I use 1 cup of sugar to 2 cups of malt vinegar.

korbo, Mar 26, 10:43pm
just looked at my jars, and they have a few small bubbles, kinda like when something is fermenting. is this normal for pickle onions. ? ?
the recipe said just to drain the onions and pack in jars. thanks.

korbo, Dec 12, 11:14am
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