Tupperware Jel-ring 7 Min Microwave Chocolate Cake

purplegoanna, Sep 24, 10:29pm
Combine 2 eggs : 1c sugar : 1c milk : 1c oil : 3Tbsp golden syrup : 1.1/2c flour : 4Tbsp cocoa : 1tsp b/soda : 1tsp b/powder : Brush the entire inside of the ring (do not use lid) with oil and add your cake batter (quite a wet mix) and microwave on HIGH for 7mins (7min20secs in my microwave) take out and let stand for 10mins then turn over onto a plate, the one i made last week spent 5 days on the bench covered in gladwrap without going stale.

kiwitrish, Sep 25, 12:22am
Thanks for the recipe but won't the jel ring melt in the microwave.

pickles7, Sep 25, 1:36am
I wouldn't risk mine, that's for sure.

purplegoanna, Sep 25, 5:11am
nup didnt melt at all, was slightly hot to touch but cooled within 5mins.i was most impressed, my ring is the thicker plastic like 410130662

turksta3, Sep 25, 6:35am
Please note the Yellow jelly molds are not to be put in the microwave!

sarahb5, Sep 25, 7:26am
I've made that cake before (think it is a Jo Seager recipe) but definitely would not risk my jel ring (which is yellow) - you can make it in anything non-metallic that is microwave safe - I use a glass mixing bowl and serve it as pudding with chocolate sauce or cream

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