Tupperware jelly mould help

avana7, Nov 10, 10:48pm
Please can someone help me out. I scored a tupperware jelly mould at a fair in the weekend and want to make to layered jelly in it and not quite sure how to. Do I set one in it then the other on? Also when you are setting it do you put it in the fridge lid side up or the other way, or does it not matter. Thanks.

valentino, Nov 11, 1:36am
Most tupperware jelly moulds usually holds about 2 litres.

A (for example Greggs or pams) packet of jelly is about 1 litre.

Make one up first then allow to set fully.

The second one is made up in another dish say about a good few hours after one has done the first (preferably the following day), allow to cool completely, then watch it very closely as and when about to start setting - tip it onto the other in the mould then allow it to set fully.

When doing these, one does not quite use the suggested amount of water, about 90% mostly. If too watery then it could mix a little.

One other thing as a note, these moulds are great to use to do special ice cream dishes especially if it is a hollow middle type.

Editing to add, just noted your comment re lid, yes lid up but if one has lids top and bottom then ensure all is secure and the jelly is very cool before putting into mould.


avana7, Nov 11, 3:29am
Thank you valentino

hindsfeet, Nov 11, 7:19am
have a recipe called Carrington mould which is white jelly. Just enought for a thin layer in between 2 gregs jellys in the tupperware mould. I have done red and green with the white inbetween for Christmas. Could post the recipe if you would like it.

maandpa2b, Nov 11, 7:25am
I pour the 2nd colour in when it's cold only - I don't wait for it to start setting.it doesn't seem to melt the 1st one at all

carolyn20, Nov 11, 7:30pm
Hi, I have one of those containers and when I attempted a layering traffic light jelly arrangement the layers all slid apart when I took it out - right in front of a bunch of children and their parents!So since then I have been making a 'broken glass jelly' which is very popular and looks stunning.I got the recipe from the message board but I didn't take note of the poster my apologies.Let me know if you would like this recipe.I also have family members that use their container for making club sandwiches!

debudder, Nov 11, 9:05pm
Would love the whit jelly recipe please

hindsfeet, Nov 11, 9:35pm
Carrington Mould(white jelly)
1 1/2 teaspoon geletine into 1/4 cup hot water add to 1/2 cup milk stir in 1 dessertspoon sugar and a few drops vanilla essence.

Been a while since I made it but stayed together fine when I took ot out of the mould

stormbaby, Nov 12, 9:24am
Another tip from an old Jel Ring expert and ex Tupperware lady, is to put a little white wine in (adults) clear jellies when setting, and a little red wine or port in the red ones. Absolutely delish, and very "adult"!

duckmoon, Nov 12, 9:36am
when I make triple jellys:
I make the first one and put in the fridge.
Immeidately, I make the second one, and leave on bench.
When the first one is set, the second one is cool - and heading towards set, but not there yet.Put it on top of first - return to fridge.

Immediately make third jelly - and set on bench.

It means that the second two jellys are cool when they go into the fridge, so set quickly.

ace441, Nov 13, 7:01pm
You can put matching fruit in each layer too!! e.g strawberry jeely layer put strawberries in, orange jelly layer put oranges in etc. Also if it is the jelly ring mold you have this is really yummy;

1 can boysenberries
1/2 trifle sponge
1 carton cream
1 Tbsp icing sugar

Whip the cream with the icing sugar until really thick.
Cut long thin slices of sponge and line the jelly ring with them.
Dribble some of the juice from the boysenberries over the sponge.
Alternate layers of boysenberries and cream in the jelly ring until it is really full.
Cover with more slices of sponge.
Squeeze the lid on (if it hasn't got a lid, maybe press a heavy plate down on top).
Sets to a consistency that can be sliced like a cake in the fridge in about 6 hours, and lasts a couple of days.

valentino, Aug 1, 4:53pm
Great in preparing ice cream for a "Baked Alska" type dish.

Use a good Louise cake base mixture for base. Cut to shape plus an extra bit around the edge, put ice cream from mould on top, add a nice syrup, fill up middle with fresh berry fruit, add more favourite syrup then covered totally with that special Meringue mixture and bake as suggested. When done, slightly break the peak and allow the juices to flow a little. Serve immediately. Great fun.

Can do the same with a normal jelly mould but the ring is better for this.

P.S. One can even put a wee bit of a fruit jam over the base for an added touch.