Who is good at making chocolate brownies!

nickbeam, Sep 19, 2:43am
Are they meant to be like a cake, and have a skewer come out dry when it's poked in, or are they still meant to be quite wet on the inside!

I cooked it just like the recipe says, but the middle of it is still wet.

I've cooked many a cake, but never a brownie before.

elliehen, Sep 19, 2:55am
Brownies are meant to have a fudge-y middle.

elliehen, Sep 19, 3:04am
"The trick to a good brownie is always taking it out of the oven before it's too dry - that means you need to throw normal cake-cooking criteria out the window. A knife stuck into a fully cooked brownie would come out covered in goo - delicious, wonderful goo - that doesn't mean it needs more cooking.
I cooked mine for 25 minutes, and it would have been okay for a couple more but it was good and gooey (which suited me since I was going for the dessert brownie thing). If you're unsure when it seems set enough, take it out after 25-30 minutes and hopefully it will be good. Ovens vary so you might need to adjust the cooking time a little next time round, but if it's a teeny bit gooey it's just extra desserty, and a teeny bit dry just means it's asking for a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to adorn it. ;-)

The original recipe says not to remove it from the pan until it's fully cooled, but I loooove hot brownie, so there was no way I was listening to that advice! It will be a little fragile when hot, though, so the top might crack and it'll be harder to get straight edges to your slices."

This is advice from TM cook rosathemad.Here's the link:

nickbeam, Sep 19, 3:28am
Ahhh thank you :)

Took it out at just the right time then :) It's set quite nice.

rosiemoodle, Sep 19, 4:39am
whats your recipe!

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