Large Rib Roast, where do i!

steph25, Mar 22, 9:25pm
My nana came up to auckland a few weeks ago and gave me a big bag of meat for the deep freeze and in it is a big Rib Roast which hubby has taken out yesterday to have for tea tonight, my question is How? Ive never done roast anything before as i ALWAYS stuff it up. Any help would be so much appreciated! :)

steph25, Mar 23, 12:30am
can anyone help me please:(:(

wachael1, Mar 23, 12:33am
How heavy is it? I would cook it on about 160 degrees for 30 mins for every 500g. It will be beautiful I love rib roasts!

steph25, Mar 23, 12:45am
Hi there, thanks for that. There is no weight measurements on it as its from the grandads homekill business. But i put it on my kitchen scales and its 1. 5kgs.
Do i need to add anything to the roasting dish when cooking it or does it just go in by itself into the roasting pan? sorry if these questions seem silly, but i have no idea. :)

wachael1, Mar 23, 12:52am
You don't have to put anything in but I like to do roast beef with a crust of wholegrain mustard and horseradish sauce mixed together and smeared over it. Also crack some pepper over it too. I think you would find it would be cooked in about 2. 5 hours and then just take it out of the oven and rest it on a dish (cover with foil) for 15 mins or so before carving. The juices that come out can be made into a gravy. Yum!

245sam, Mar 23, 1:43am
steph25, here's a link where you should find some very helpful and useful info', not only for your current roast, but for future reference:-'s%20Beef%20Cuts_
Cuts%20First. pdf

steph25, Mar 23, 1:54am
245sam, thats a fantastic link, thank you!

245sam, Mar 23, 4:04am
you're welcome steph25 - hope you enjoy your roast meal tonight. :-))

skinny, Nov 27, 4:15pm
Try going to

There's bound to be a good meat recipe there for a rib roast.

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