Rotten bananas for banana cake

goose777, Aug 11, 10:40pm
Hi everyone i am wanting to make a banana cake today for a friends birthday and could not find rotten bananas anywhere. I am wanting to know if their is a trick to make my semi fresh bananas rotten quickly. Thanks!

babytears, Aug 11, 10:41pm
You don't use rotten banana's in banana cakes. just old banana's/brown skinned

goose777, Aug 11, 10:47pm
Thats what i mean. Do you know how to make the bananas brown!

rainrain1, Aug 11, 10:48pm
they don't have to be brown either,ripe bananas will do the trick

goose777, Aug 11, 10:53pm
Ive made a banana cake with ripe banans but i found that the cake was darker in colour and tasted more banana like with brown/black bananas

blt10, Aug 11, 10:54pm
Rotten bananas make the best tasty banana cake .
if only I'd taken a pic of the latest bakes which was meant to be week's work lunches for 2 friends, end up being devoured by 10+ with nil left for thelunch boxes.

elliehen, Aug 11, 10:55pm
That's too instant a fix you're wanting.if you were going to make the cake in two or three days, you could hasten the ripening by putting the bananas in a brown paper bag with an apple.

dbab, Aug 11, 11:07pm
Mash them on a plate and leave them for a few hours. They'll go brown.
Or ask your kids to take them to school in their school bags for the day. Guaranteed to work.

pickles7, Aug 11, 11:40pm
lol. yep, they could even get split.

I wouldn't make a banana cake with under ripe, bananas.
Make a carrot or chocolate cake, and enjoy it.

beaker59, Aug 12, 12:06am
Freeze the Bananas today then make cake with thawed Bananas tomorrow

It works (don't forget the slosh of dark rum really gets the Banana flavour going :)

wasgonna, Aug 12, 3:21am
Just buy them from New World where they have no shelf life after being in cold storage for too long.

Incidently the black or brown bananas are actually ripe. We tend to eat them before they are.

mackenzie2, Aug 12, 3:29am
beaker59 wrote:
Freeze the Bananas today then make cake with thawed Bananas tomorrow

I agree this is what I do also

lythande1, Aug 12, 5:10am
Yep. Freeze them. take them back out, all black and squishy.

rainrain1, Aug 12, 6:51am
rotten bananas are bird kai .

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