Meat Pie with a sponge-like top

holdenfanz, Mar 22, 12:43am
DP was asking me if I had it when I was younger. He wants it for dinner tonight but I've never heard of it before. Can anyone help me out and pass on the recipe if you know what I'm talking about. TIA

margyr, Mar 22, 12:54am
no idea really, unless it was the steak and kidney one done with suet? good luck, can you ring his Mum and ask her?

turtlet, Mar 22, 12:58am
Is it a dumpling like mix like this - http://recipes.

245sam, Mar 22, 1:05am
holdenfanz, I'm wondering if the topping was a corn-bread type of topping? :-))

holdenfanz, Mar 22, 1:09am
HIs grandma made it for him regularly. He said it was soft like a sponge. What is suet?

245sam, Mar 22, 1:13am
Suet is the fat from around the kidneys and loins of cattle and sheep. It can be found in supermarkets in margarine-type tubs under the brand name "Shreddo". :-))

daleaway, Mar 22, 1:21am
You might be able to improvise by putting a scone topping on top of a stew or casserole. (I have a favourite chicken pot pie recipe that uses a cheese scone topping. ) You can make scone topping very light by cutting in a few TBS of marge and mixing with trim milk.

snapit, Mar 22, 2:14am
Scone dough would be my suggestion also It was a regular when I was youngand have used it many times myself easier than pastry. I use chicken stock powder or green herb stock powder in place of salt, also a sprinkle of grated tasty cheese on top makes another change.

jimminette, Nov 23, 9:44am
I have a recipe that I put dumplings into about 20 mins from the end of the cooking time. (Pot on top of Stove)Basically a scone mixture but slightly wetter and I also chop up a load of herbs to compliment the meat and mix those in the dumplings too. Instead of dumplings spread it all over the top.

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