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riwa2, Jul 3, 2:52am
can i just use a pot instead and have element on low low?

lx4000, Jul 3, 2:54am
yip, pending on what ya makin!!

riwa2, Jul 3, 2:55am
lols wouldnt mind some of the darn recipes on here...... made me hungry

woolfemme, Jul 3, 3:34am
You can still slow cook with a washing basket and some wool blankets,in the morning heat up your stew/casserol or whatever to boiling and then put it into a washing basket well wrapped round with wool blankets 2-3 layers thick (fold the blankets and make a sort of nest to put your stockpot down into)then another blanket well folded on top.... when you get home at 5.00pm it will be steaming hot still and cooked.Even if you have to re-heat a bit,it will be slow-cooked.

riwa2, Jul 3, 3:37am
are you serious?

marcs, Jul 3, 3:57am
In the oven at about 130 to 140c should do it as well covered.

punkinthefirst, Jul 3, 3:58am
Well, I know that technology......when I was young (I'm 64), my grandmother and mother both used an old-fashioned tea-chest packed tightly with hay around a large pot of stew or whatever. The food must be about one third cooked before you put it into the "Hay-box" for the next six to eight hours, but it certainly will finish cooking and still be hot if done properly.
All the hot food for harvesters and haymakers was cooked like this, and taken out to the paddock still in the haybox, even the drinks. Conversely, cold food and drinks stay cold when transported like this.
Sometimes there were twenty or thirty hungry men to feed - cooked lunch and dinner, plus morning and afternoon tea and beer and a snack late after they finished....AND the women still had to deal with their usual chores and childrenplus milk the cows, so the hayboxes were vital pieces of equipment.

lythande1, Jul 3, 4:25am
The only reason for even having a slow cooker is if you are out all day and need to cook something slow.
Although in the oven in a normal casserole and the oven on low and timer works just as well.
Don't get sucked in by advertising, all these claims that you need certain equipment.
Like rice cookers - never seen such a complete unnecessary thing in my life. Except maybe electric bread knives.

rainrain1, Jul 3, 4:42am
There must be one heck of a lot of us suckers out there then

riwa2, Jul 3, 4:44am
aw punkinthefirst - yeah i remember my mum having a hangi going at the back of our koro's dray and by the time they arrived at their destination [about 3-4hr] drive [can make the drive in 1/2 hr now lols], the hangi was ready. and delicious too!

elliehen, Jul 3, 5:36am
I'm a sucker for my rice cooker - wouldn't be without it ;)

rainrain1, Jul 3, 5:37am
yes i am a sucker too

suzanna, Jul 3, 5:45am
Just try taking electric knives off the staff(especially if a 4am start) who need to make a gazillion rounds of sandwiches when catering for several different situations within one site ie corporate boxes, suites, participants, crew, general public. I have used crockpots in situations where there has been no stove or any other cooking facilities...merely a plug. also for keeping food hot when no bain marie. Sucker?? Never.

suzanna, Jul 3, 5:48am
Perhaps I am a sucker after all...hey elliehen and rain rain since we're all in the South Is why dont we have a winter 'sucker's convention?' Just imagine..... could outdo the craft shows, the women's lifestyle expo, garden shows.....ooh just imagine.....

rainrain1, Jul 3, 5:51am
I'd come last as I only have a crockpot to qualify, I have tossed all my other space wasters

fifie, Jul 3, 9:27am
I must be a sucker to in fact i have a crockpot on one end of the bench and a slow cooker on the other end and some days they are both going at once and there only 2 of us. My most used kitchen appliances.

elliehen, Jul 3, 9:31am
Hope I'd qualify....I have never owned - or desired -a microwave ;)

esther-anne, Jul 3, 9:38am
I had a crockpot - one of the first that ever came on the market.Used it several times then sold it on TM and I have not regretted it.

Instead, in one of the old 'Army and Navy' stores - or could have been a camping gear place - so many years ago i have forgotten - I bought, for $5, a cast iron pot with snug fitting lid for using on campfires I suppose.I slow-cook in that all the time and the results are delicious.Now I have gotten so long in the tooth (much older than the lovely punkin) its only drawback is that it's heavy to lift in and out the oven.

Just thought I would share that!!!

winnie15, Jul 3, 9:40am
i did my casserole in the oven at 130 C for about 3-4 hours, it was devine. don't always need a crockpot,

winnie15, Jul 3, 9:43am
the hay box hint is excellent! i think you can do that with yogurt also?
I had a crockpot then i had to replace it and i got a slow cooker, but they cook way faster and things tend to dry out more . Wish i'd got the orignal crockpot.
I had a rice cooker and didn't like it so gave it away, but i do like my electric knife and my breadmaker.

nfh1, Jul 3, 9:44am
I once bought a salad spinner - I must be a Super Spinning Sucker.

winnie15, Jul 3, 9:45am
LoL! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-

elliehen, Jul 3, 11:41am
On the other hand, I have just been sucked in to buying one of these...

kuaka, Jul 3, 12:08pm
Well my 27 year old microwave has just died and I'm lost without it - didn't realise just how often I used it.

kinna54, Jul 4, 3:35am
if no slow cooker, just place it ina casserole dish , in a pan of water in theoven on low. Most ovens these days have an automatic timer setting, this is what I used before I had a slow cooker, and still use frequently if I know I'm going to be out and want my mealto turn on.

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