Rewana Bread

silverwolf, Jan 31, 7:40am
Hi all...
Would anyone have a recipe for Rewana Bread (I hope I have spelt Rewana correctly and apologize should I have offended anyone).

We tried this bread and to say it was devine is an understatement... it is gorgeous. I cooked the bread similar to French Toast... soooooo good.

amazing_grace, Jan 31, 7:50am
I have not yet used this recipe, but its from Christine Dann "A Cottage Garden Cook Book" of NZ recipes. "Paraoa Rewana, Maori Sourdough. For the Rewana: 1 small potato, peeled and sliced, 1c water, 1t sugar, 1/2c flour. Boil the sliced potato in the cup of h20, do not add salt, until softe enought to mash. Leave till lukewarm, pour into large preserving jar and add sugar, flour and stir hard till a smooth paste. Leave the jar covered with a tea towel in a warm place until it is full of bubbles, about 1-2 days. Dont let it go sour or off.

Place 8c flour, 1c sugar and salt to taste in a large bowl, add the rewana mix. Mix well and add enough water (2-3c full) to make a smooth dough. Take a tablespoon of this dough to make your next rewana). Knead 10 mins till smooth and firm. Grease a large tin or camp oven, or a large cake tin. Put in dough, leave to rise half way up the sides. Bake 10 mins at 200C then reduce heat to 150
C and bake another 60-90 mins, till sides have shrunk from the tin and its golden brown.

245sam, Jan 31, 7:51am
Hi silverwolf,
I'm not sure re the spelling - I think you're correct but on the following link you'll find recipe(s) where the spelling is "rewena", however... . . whichever way (or maybe even both ways) that the name of this bread is spelt, here's the link:- php? f=26&t=568

Hope that helps. :-))

amazing_grace, Jan 31, 7:51am
To make the next Rewana, take your 1T raw dough, put in a clean jar with 1t sugar, some flour and some warm water mixed to a smooth paste. Let it work in a warm place till bubbly and ready to use.

silverwolf, Jul 21, 11:09pm
Thank you all so much for your help. . you guys are truly amazing.

I shall have some fun this week making Rewana bread. I think I am addicted to it now... nearly ate the whole lot by myself... baaadddd me.

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