Original Recipe for Cheese Rolls Please

tanitaandtia, Oct 20, 7:35pm
evaporated milk heated add onion soup mix and grated cheese

tanitaandtia, Oct 20, 7:36pm
not sure of quantity of cheese just enough til mixture is thick enough to spread

pericles, Oct 20, 7:37pm
just bumped the thread

barbs77, Oct 20, 7:38pm
I am an ex-southlander so grew up with the cheese roll! I use 1 can ev. milk, 500 gms tasty cheese and packet of onion soup, I also grate a small onion into the mix as like the extra flavour.

rosemaryp, Mar 17, 10:13pm
I use two packets of onion soup though the last batch were made with bacon and mushroom soup. I also put in some mustard powder, about half to three quarters of a teaspoon and I dissolve the lot in a double boiler or in a metal bowl in a pot of boiling water.
Allow just over a loaf of sandwich sliced bread, it depends on how thick you have the mixture.
Cheese, I used Edam cheese for last batch, it tastes fine.
Freeze separately overnight, then put into plastic bag for free flow purposes.
Grill rolls in over to toast them.

lythande1, Mar 18, 12:23am
Yuk. So that's why so many of them taste weird.
Stick with cheese.

rainrain1, Mar 18, 2:35am
I like mine with melted cheese and finely chopped onion... . nothing else... . . so goooooood! !

dollmakernz, Mar 19, 10:24am
These are delicious!
Cheese Rolls
1 Packet onion soup warmed with 1 cup of water over low heat, add 2 packed cups grated cheese, ½ tsp paprika, ½-1 tsp curry powder.
Cut the 2 long crusts off bread and spread wrong side (lightly) with butter or margarine. Spread the cheese mix on the other side, roll up with the cheese mixture on the inside, place in plastic bag in fridge for 1hr then grill. They are really handy to keep in the freezer for last minute snacks.
Makes appx 2 loaves of bread.

usualsuspect, Nov 14, 3:12am
keep it bumped folks

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