what is a healthy cheep snack for a uni student

desmo.w, Mar 14, 6:14am
no fridge, hungry and wants to snack

rebecca12, Mar 14, 6:17am

desmo.w, Mar 14, 6:17am
is eating dry noodles and minties

desmo.w, Mar 14, 6:18am
he gets farts really bad, has not fridge and only shops every 2 weeks, does'nt like toast

liz_taylor, Mar 14, 6:21am

motorbo, Mar 14, 6:39am
raw vege e. g. carrots

booktraderbob, Mar 14, 7:22am
popcorn, rice crackers, fruit, nuts

motorbo, Mar 14, 7:45am
oh and in season fruit, cheap apples around now and so damn good for you

buzzy110, Mar 14, 10:10pm
And this uni student is going to get a degree, land a responsible position and theoretically be a role model for lesser mortals!

Tell him to grow up. He's not a helpless child throwing tantrums everytime he was given a piece of plant matter to eat. Stop running around after him trying to be his mum. If you are his mum then you should be ashamed of how you raised your son. What good is it to leave life skills to schools? They don't teach him how to cook, clean and do all that useful stuff he needs if he is going to live a long and healthy life.

buzzy110, Mar 14, 10:12pm
However, if this is a wind up then taking the cue from your heading, I'd recommend rotisserie chicken from the supermarket. That is the cheapest cheep food going.

aussieglenn1, Mar 14, 10:13pm
http://images. trademe.co.nz/photoserver/14/123529014_full. jp

accroul, Mar 14, 10:15pm
Go buzzy!

person with no fridge who only shops every 2 weeks must exist on junk food. Junk in - Junk out! Buy the kid a small fridge so he can eat REAL food.

bedazzledjewels, Mar 14, 10:18pm
Yeh - think this a wind-up (too much juvenile talk of farts! ) but it's great to have Buzzy all fired up! Love it!
And don't knock the supermarket chook - my cats love them!

maxwell.inc, Mar 14, 10:48pm
Those things seriously make my cats fart. . thats if they eat it, normally they turn their noses up at it. . and hey they lick their own bums... so thats not good on the chicken front LMAO

buzzy110, Mar 15, 1:26am
Yeah but it used to go 'cheep' once upon a time. The guy could catch a few sparrows and cook those. They go cheep and I know from experience that when they are caught they go 'cheep cheep cheep'. I suppose that means they know they are a cheap meal for someone.

Just pluck the sparrows, stuff with popping corn and melted butter, smother with sweetened condensed milk and microwave high for 2 hours or until the microwave explodes.

Presto, he'll have a healthy 'cheep' meal.

uli, Mar 15, 2:02am
Awww buzzy - you are in GOOD form :)

eliseius, Nov 3, 9:11am
Possibility that this student is a first year student living in halls of residence, therefore doesn't have a fridge and is only looking for snack ideas in between eating the 'food' that is already provided?